Extreme Live Gaming is not among the biggest names in the online gambling industry, but it has managed to grasp the attention of some of the top players to earn a spot in select casino portfolios and gain an impressive following. Extreme Live Gaming joined the gaming scene in 2013, which gives it half a decade of experience in the delivery of gambling services. The software company remained unknown for some time until its acquisition by Novomatic in 2014, one of the biggest games developing firms in Europe and across the globe. This move has since helped the company remain afloat in a diverse industry best-known for its aggressive competition.

Since its inception, Extreme Live Gaming has focused on the delivery of live gambling services, which has helped it become an innovator in the field. As of the moment, the software provider’s portfolio only includes three games – blackjack, roulette, and baccarat – which are the main features in the catalogues of most others. In this review, we focus on the live roulette option provided.

Roulette is the most engaged table game in online and offline casinos, mainly due to its wide provision and simple gameplay procedure that does not require the use of skill to play. As a result of the high demand it faces, Extreme Live Gaming has included a live roulette option in their list of products, which has made the developer even more popular among punters.

Extreme Live Gaming Live Roulette Interface

Extreme Live Gaming has a small assortment of options in their live roulette section, but the main element that remains the same in all of them is the inclusion of a European Roulette layout. Using this popular version of the game as the core of their roulette variations has helped make the developer even more popular.

The smart live roulette options carry thirty-seven pockets with numbers one to thirty-six and a single zero. A wheel and table are the main elements fitted into the screen along with the croupier, who stands behind the table. Different statistics are placed at the top of the screen such as hot and cold numbers along with the history of the results of recent spins. Gameplay is streamed live in High Definition quality, which makes Extreme Live Gaming a worthy competitor for other top names in the business.

One of the most innovative steps by Extreme Live Gaming is the introduction of side bets to some of their roulette options, which set the bar for other developers to follow. This allows punters to place their stakes on the results of each spin along with other independent elements that inspire the theme of the game. Additionally, the game provider is well-known for its X-mode feature which provides players with numerous angles of the table. That way, one can be involved in every aspect of the game from the croupier’s placement of chips on the table to the spinning of the ball on the wheel.

Live dealer roulette by Extreme Live Gaming is built with mobile compatible software, which makes it easier for punters to play on the go. The games are made compatible with popular operating systems the likes of Android and iOS, and they can be launched in instant play mode, which does not require the installation of an application. The games are played in the landscape, and the layout is changed a little from that of desktop computers to suit the small screens of smartphones and tablets. Below are some of the elements of the game category:

Game Features:
Software Provider Extreme Live Gaming
Mobile affinity and OS Yes; iOS and Android
Stake Limits Point five to one hundred thousand dollars, euros, or pounds
Licensing UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority
Studio Location London
Variation used European Roulette
Number of pockets Thirty-seven; zero to thirty-six
Free play No

Types of Extreme Live Gaming Live Roulette

Extreme Live Gaming includes a variety of roulette options in their portfolio, but all of them fall in the European Roulette category. The main difference in the games is the skins used which provide gamblers with a different gambling environment, while others include side bets to increase the chances of landing payouts. These roulette options include:

  • Standard European Roulette

As suggested by the name, Standard European Roulette follows the basic rules of gameplay without fancy additions to either the setup or bets allowed. A standard green table is used with three columns of twelve numbers each and slots for outside bets as well. A standard wheel is used, which can be viewed using the multiple cameras or in classic view mode, which provides one permanent view.

  • Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette has become a popular inclusion in live casinos in recent years, and Extreme Live Gaming is one of its avid providers. Gameplay is automated, which means no dealer is included to conduct the session. In their place is a pressurized air system that is used to spin the ball and closeup views of the wheel give punters a front row seat of the action. Auto Roulette is loved for its accuracy and fast gameplay since there is no croupier interference. Players can choose between two tables of the roulette versions depending on the bankroll they are working with.

  • Golden Ball Roulette

Golden Ball Roulette was first introduced into the gaming scene by Microgaming, and its popularity has led to its adoption by other game developers, Extreme Live Gaming included. In this variation, the player with the highest stake is rewarded after every twenty spins by being given a chance to determine when the ball will be released onto the wheel. The highest bettor of the twentieth round is given a ten-second window to trigger the spin, and they are guaranteed of collecting wins despite the results of the round. This live roulette option is especially popular with high rollers.

  • Multi-Wheel Roulette

Multi-Wheel Roulette offers gameplay on not just one but three wheels. This variant allows gamblers higher chances of landing winnings since they can place inside, outside, and special bets in three instances without limitations. However, it is advisable to manage one’s bankroll to avoid getting carried away and losing more than intended considering gameplay is fast-paced.

  • Sizzling Hot Roulette

Since Extreme Live Gaming’s acquisition by Novomatic, the software developer has taken to fusing some of their live dealer products with popular slot Novomatic slot releases. Sizzling Hot is among the most popular slot machines by the firm with five reels and forty play lines. Sizzling Hot Roulette is inspired by the slot game with the backdrop of the table and wheel set displayed in a hot red scene, similar to that of the slot machine. The layout of the wheel and table are not changed, with each carrying the usual thirty-seven numbers. The only difference is the inclusion of side bet in the form of a one reeled slot, where punters can place stakes on a single icon that they think will be landed, similar to the number pockets on the wheel. The results of the main game and side bet do not influence each other, so one can win independently while the other loses.

Like the roulette wheel pockets, each of the icons in the single Sizzling Hot side bet carry different payout odds that go as high as eighty to one; this makes the side bet of higher value than a straight bet, which pays thirty-five to one. The payout odds are as follows:

Symbol Payout odds Winning odds
Star Eighty to one 1.1%
Seven Eighty to one 1.1%
Watermelon Eighteen to one 4.4%
Grapes Eighteen to one 4.54%
Plum Three to one 21.9%
Orange Three to one 21.9%
Cherry One to one 44.92%
  • Lucky Ladies Roulette

Like Sizzling Hot Roulette, this version of the game is inspired by a slot as well, which is dubbed Lucky Lady’s Charm. The slot carries five reels and ten bet lines, but only one reel is included in the roulette version. In the Lucky Ladies side bet, punters are required to stake on one icon, and the payout odds go as high as eighty to one.

Playing Extreme Live Gaming Live Roulette

The procedure of play is maintained the same in nearly all European Roulette options, and the same case applies with those in Extreme Live Gaming. All gamblers have to do is place their stake on the number they think the small ball will land in and wait for the results. Numerous types of stakes can be placed on the table, and they vary in winning and payout odds. The highest paying bet is Straight, which is placed on one number and has a payout odd of thirty-five to one. However, the chances of landing it are slim and stand at two-point-seven percent.

Upsides of Live Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming

Live roulette by Extreme Live Gaming has managed to be a success online thanks to the numerous benefits featured in the sets. Some of these upsides include:

  • Vetted for fairness

Extreme Live Gaming operates with licenses from the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority, which means games are vetted for fairness and proven capable of handling real money stakes.

  • Variety of options

Even though European Roulette is the only variation that is explored by Extreme Live Gaming, it provides different skins that make each experience unique. The set wager limits also vary to accommodate both low and high rollers.

Tips on Playing Live Roulette

Roulette gameplay is more luck dependent than it is on skill, so the results of each round cannot be predicted with accuracy. Nonetheless, players can apply some practices to make their chances of collecting wins better, and they include;

  • Explore different strategies

Over time, numerous strategies have been invented to gain the upper hand over the casino for bonus wins including the Martingale, Reverse Martingale, and Fibonacci strategies.

  • Free play

Get familiar with European Roulette in the numerous free demo modes offered online before playing for real money to get familiar with game rules and the types of bets offered.

Canada Casinos with Live Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme Live Gaming offers its services to Canadian players in some of the most reputable online gambling destinations including:

  • Mr. Green Casino
  • LeoVegas Casino
  • BetVictor Casino
  • Oranje Casino
  • InterCasino
  • Cherry Casino, etc.

Live Roulette by Extreme Live Gaming cannot be played for free in Canada casinos, so a real money commitment has to be made to activate gameplay.

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