Live casinos’ popularity is at an all-time high worldwide. The main reason isn’t the interactive gaming or the quality environment and entertainment provided, but the live casino bonuses expected. The combination of live dealers, genuine and interactive betting brings players experience to another level. The realism the live casinos represent is also accessible via various platforms and operating systems, including phones.

We illuminate essential details for you to identify and be aware of this live casino bonus analysis before selecting Canadian live casinos to join. The details include varying data on the best Canadian live casino bonuses, their limitations, and the best means to access, accept and use the rewards. You can identify and use the pertinent information to determine the essentiality of the bonuses to you! Peruse the guide to get a feel of how these rewards operate, which design or form they take, and the amount or percentage allowed for access.

Live Casino Bonuses Canada

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25% cashback Every Wednesday

Live Blackjack & Live Roulette

Play Live Blackjack or Live Roulette on Wednesdays with a 25% cashback!


Win $210 cash every 21st of the month

Live Blackjack

Play Live Blackjack on 21th each month.


Welcome Bonus up to $100 on first deposit

All Live Casino Games

Your first deposit up to $100 will be immediately doubled.


Win €1,200 in daily Bonuses

All Live Games at 888VIP table.

Play at the Live Casino 888VIP table every day between 13:00 and 01:00 (GMT) and dealt a bonus card.


Win a Bonus of €8 every time the roulette ball hits ‘8’

Live Roulette

Play at the Live Casino Roulette table in the 888 Private Room daily from 8pm – 9pm (GMT).


Win ‘Xtra’ €750 in Bonuses

Live Blackjack

Play at the Live Casino 888Xtra table in 888 Private Room every day between 1pm and 1am (GMT).

What are Live Casino Bonuses, and How do They Work?

The special live casino bonus definition is straightforward. It indicates rewards offered to players by live casinos and is only applicable to live dealer titles and game genres. The rewards can be in the form of promotions and new player incentives or offers. However, not every single player is eligible for these rewards, and they aren’t regular as normal rewards such as a match or welcome casino gifts. 

The incentives and live gaming platforms are numerous, and picking a favourite can be most tasking. As a result, a player has to search further and go deeper into live dealer casinos and their available offers. Therefore, we provide a guide with essential details on potential live dealer offers and any conditions attached for new or regular punters. Players have to adhere to all conditions, whether a minimum amount indicated as a deposit or the accomplishment of the popular sign-up process. 

After the casino confirms the player, the rewards go into the player’s account, doubling the amount available or more. The reward is either attached to the player, a casino game, or live Sportsbooks. Restriction may include a single match or wager without other options, or twists, hacks or tricks allowing access or not too popular live rewards. 

Therefore, understanding your available options is the first step towards picking out a suitable reward. Also, it provides an understanding of how they operate, when to claim and how best to use the live rewards. 

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Types of Live Casino Bonuses

Similar to other types of casino rewards, live dealer casino bonuses are of a wide range. Sites categorize the prizes following the attached conditions. For instance, casino players may require a deposit of the least amount of rewards devoid of deposits. If not, individuals get the initial premium given to players joining or depositing for the very first time.  

There are no limitations regarding player rewards in a live gaming site or platform. Individuals can experience the thrill of a live and social event while in a remote location using casino rewards. Regulars on the sites can pick up cashback and reload bonuses to replenish their real-time play. Both new and regulars can watch the unfolding game action without the risk of using actual or real money from their pockets. The only thing about bonuses is that usually, they are used only for special games chosen by a casino. So if you prefer playing Dream Catcher, Live Sic Bo or Live Poker, you need to clarify if the conditions allow that. Let us have a look at the most popular of all live casino deposit bonuses in Canada. 

  • Reload Bonus – the reward or incentive is dependent on the number of times you replenish your account with new gaming funds/money. In most instances, live casino sites divide this specific incentive into several sections. Each deposit session may be accompanied by a matching percentage as the offer up to a selected amount. The reload availability is to new players who claim either on a fortnight, week or monthly.
  • Cashback Bonusthe perfect reward for the regular and newly-joined punters on a site. Cashback is a percentage issued by an online website to players. The rate is of the amount the punters played in a specific period and lost to the site. It encourages players to engage in more gaming activities with the assurance of a better offer. Also, such offers often have the highest payout amounts. 
  • Tournaments – most live gambling platforms or professional sites share and host gaming tournaments for punters. The matches are for specific genres designated for live games and reputable developers, such as the classic and beloved blackjack. In most instances, the competition is for a position of the leader board holding other casino benefits. The benefits can either be actual money available to punters through withdrawal or restricted to betting only or in the form of more casino bonuses. 
  • Rewards – live casinos include various types of rewards apart from popular incentives/bonuses. The prizes include extra points for betting on a specific game genre or accomplishing an assigned task. Games contribute to conditions attached to any claimed incentives on the site. Presents awarded to high rollers as congratulations for another year in the gambling world, birthday, loyalty schemes and many more. The rewards often have system punters convert to cash or game points used to increase gameplay, rounds or sessions. 

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What is a Live Casino Bonus No Deposit?

Very few live dealer websites allow the live casino no deposit bonus to their gambling members (pool). The main reason is that it is a carte blanche to players. There are no incurred costs to the player, and punters gain access to various genres and titles to play for a specific period. 

The awarded amount is usually free credits from the website/casino or free cash. However, free cash is a small amount, and many sites prefer gaming credits instead. Also, every offer for a no deposit reward has several conditions and game limitations. Punters can only engage in listed titles, and any deviation results in extra charges or breach of terms. 

Anyone can accept and use the offer, but a live dealer no deposit bonus code in a live casino online bonus might be essential for a successful claim. The code is necessary for activating the bonus and ensuring it’s credited to the correct account. 

Is Live Dealer Casino No Deposit Bonus the Same as Live Casino No Deposit Bonus?

The two are expressions with the same meaning or pointing to the same incentive. Live dealers are only present in a live casino and can award a live no deposit bonus to players following website rules. The NDB is similar to a regular free spin award to players. 

First, you get to access a few game titles and play live casino with no deposit bonus on the website. Players incur no costs as the bonus has no limited amount as a condition to fulfil before it’s credited. At the same time, punters improve their live betting skills while polishing their knowledge of various genres. In other words, it is an award with no risks attached.

Where to Find Live Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes?

  • Pick the best site from our recommended list of popular and fantastic live dealer websites. 
  • After picking out the most suitable – sign-up by adding your essential data onto the online registration form that pops on the site.  
  • Confirm/verify the data entered onto the online form to make sure of compliance with essential terms from the site.
  • Comply with other bonus-related restrictions/ limitations, including the online live casino no deposit bonus codes before accepting the claim. 
  • Check your account for the credited amount as awarded by the site. 

Live Casino First Deposit Bonus

It is a package set aside for players taking the option of playing only in a live casino. Some sites offer regular casinos and an opportunity for players to select live casinos.  If you choose the live casino, go ahead and make an initial payment online, then you get the live casino first deposit bonus. 

Wagering Requirements for a Live Casino Bonus

There is an abundance of restrictions and conditions that live casinos attach to all of their incentives. Some limit the amount you can use when betting, and others indicate the number of times you have to play or place a minimum amount in a bet, while others show the validity period for the entire bonus amount. However, all these differ from one live casino site to another. 

In most instances, wagering requirements appear in an X number style. For example, a casino can offer an X5 playthrough as a requirement for a live bonus worth $50. Every punter accepting the incentive will have to play through a total of $250 in the live casino bonus deposit before trying to make a withdrawal. 

Other conditions may include meeting the set timeline for validity. If it passes, the bonus becomes void and any winnings attached are lost. Consider meeting all attached requirements, including the live casino bonus codes and cash-in before expiry.

Is it True that All Live Casinos Have Wagering Requirements for Bonuses?

Yes, live casinos have varying conditions for their rewards or bonuses. However, the conditions are only applicable to those who intend to use the offers online and on the site. If you decide to engage in a live match using the incentives given, you have to meet all indicated conditions. 

The RNG wagering requirement/conditions for live casinos include welcoming offers for newly-joined punters, match credits, live casino free bonus no deposit and loyalty incentives, among others. Some incentives are game-specific, such as live dealer baccarat, incentive/bonus. The gift is only for individuals willing or wishing to engage in a baccarat match. 

Live Casino Welcome Bonus

The live casino welcome bonus is a must-have casino incentive. Not only do you get to play with more amount than initially bargained for, but you also get to experience new games or genres depending on the gift claimed. Punters shave major access to various options for welcome offers. Select between the no depositing incentive and the deposit incentive depending on your gaming needs. 

Punters can decide on a game provider-specific welcome bonus for live dealer game titles.  You can have game providers such as Netent issuing a reward for their live dealer blackjack. The casino itself may have a prize for the same game for new players. If not, sister sites can have an offer for you depending on your game status and membership status. 

Welcoming bonuses are essential for first-timers, and getting them is easy and fast. Using the provided list of popular live casino bonuses and sites on the review, check on how to acquire a welcome offer! Utilize all essential means to get all variations if possible!

Other Live Dealer Casino Bonuses

The live dealer incentives aren’t restricted to welcome, first deposit or reload. Players can acquire many other rewards, claim them, and have real experience in live casinos online. Other bonuses one should be ready for when playing live dealer games include:

Match Bonus

It is an incentive offering a player an exact match to the payment made to a casino for the first, second or third time. The sequence depends on the casino as many issue matching incentives for more than one deposit or reloads — however, the rate changes from one offer to the other. 

The match is in percentage and to a particular/specific amount. For instance, players get a 100% matching offer designed to go up to $200. Therefore, if willing and make a payment of $50, you get 100% of your price and thus, you get an extra $50. Your betting account will have $100 adding to your gameplay and experience.

However, players get a condition which is a minimum payment or amount to ensure eligibility. Some sites will indicate not less than $20 as a minimum. Plus, the “up to” phrase restricts the amount one can receive a bonus. For instance, you deposit $300, and you become ineligible for the 100% offers. The offer would hand you an extra $300, which is above $200 on offer. 

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Free Spins Bonus

These are free rounds offered to players who love live slots games in a live casino. The free rounds are just that “Free,” without the risk of extra costs. Punters can only access games assigned to the free rounds to play. 

Most of the free spins come with a no payment/deposit reward. It means that an individual does not have to pay anything to the casino and can acquire the incentive immediately after sign-up. However, others come with a minimum payment amount attached before accepting/claiming the spins. Therefore, one must first pay the minimum amount before acquiring the offer. 

Other conditions for free spins may include wagering requirements. These are a must meet and adhere to stated conditions before accessing any wins from the free spins stash. If not, the casino annuls any wins you receive, no matter the effort you put into it. Always review the attached conditions to any free spins reward you decide to acquire after registration.

Live Casino Sign up Bonus

Sign-up is the first step and process an individual partakes in to join a live casino. Once you complete the process, the individual gets a live casino sign-up bonus for your efforts and new members. The prize can take the form of a match bonus with additional free spins.  However, one can always expect a depositing condition for most live bonuses. If lucky, you may get a no payment/deposit offer.

Sticky Bonuses

Sticky is a weird term, but what else can refer to getting an amazing cash reward but never get the chance to cash it in a live casino! Since players desire to cash out every single incentive or reward issued in cash, live casinos have developed a new gift. Players can acquire it and use it to play, but the punters can never cash it out. 

The only relieving factor about sticky rewards is that you can cash out your winnings. However, no matter how you desire to withdraw, players must always meet the indicated conditions for the premium. For instance, a sticky match bonus of 300% with a payment of $100 counts to $400 in your betting account. However, with attached gaming conditions of x25, one has to play through $10,000 before becoming eligible to cash out any winnings arising from it!

Loyalty Bonus

The loyalty bonus is eligible to regular players on a live casino site. It is a means that most websites prefer to show appreciation to their regular clients. Therefore, it may refer to varying rewards, cash-based bonuses, and gift-like rewards such as birthday dates, parties with fellow clients, and more. The appreciation surrounds active players, payments and cash-outs, within and out of the online website.

Invite-a-Friend Bonus

It is the first and only casino bonus with the most superficial condition for players, inviting your friends. A player becomes eligible for it after a friend confirms and completes the registration process. Many sites provide the bonus to encourage players to bring in more players, earn a reward, and increase gameplay sessions on your favourite or selected games for the prize.

Mobile Casino Bonuses 

It is also another simple live casino bonus. Many live casinos have customized websites to match the mobile phone’s operational capabilities and technology. It makes it easy for individuals to access the website, sign-up, join and play any selected games! The only condition attached to the premium is accessing the online site using a smart mobile phone.

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Can you Receive a Live Casino Bonus after a Previous Casino Bonus?

Some online casinos have recurring bonuses accessible to players through a specific period. It would be impossible to get two prizes at the same time from an online live casino provider. However, one can get another reward or become eligible to acquire one after completing the previous. 

It means that one has to comply with all conditions of the current rewards, complete them and achieve its winnings first. Then, one can claim another without limitations from the same provider. However, if claiming the bonuses from the same provider, the request will not go through, and you may violate website rules. 

Review the available choices from amongst the options issued to you. Don’t forget that many sites have extra rewards, including the loyalty scheme to help appreciate their most loyal customers! Always be quick to snap an option or reward that suits and is a good fit for you!

Can You Get a Few Bonuses at Once? 

Well, no! a player only gets a single bonus at a time. The casinos have an intricate bonus system for the players. The system is strict and straightforward. Unless an individual has completed any other prize on their account, one cannot get another. You can only use one bonus to play before acquiring any other. 

Pros vs Cons of Playing at a Live Casino

Pros Cons
Interactive experience: players get a chance to play and witness the unfolding game action from home or the office against other opponents or as a spectator. Higher requirements: the more appealing the bonus offered is, the higher the conditions attached. 
Increased bankroll: bonuses are added to your bankroll. Bankroll is the amount you set aside for any gambling activities ensuring more game time and better experience/gaming skills. Longer matches: live gambling players playing in a live casino have packed hobbies to engage in and speak about during the game. As a result, the game takes longer than most expect!
Valued experience: you can play some of the most exciting titles and game genres, not just the traditional titles. It adds to your personal experience, making it the most valued.

Why Should You Use Live Casino Bonuses?

Every single bonus option available in live casinos has a high RTP payment method and aims at improving your overall bankroll status. An increase in bankroll will ensure better game time for you each time. Also, you may extend your game session depending on the offer and conditions brought forth. 

Live casino bonuses add spice to your gaming experience by enhancing your chances to garner a win. In the process, the gameplay becomes much more exciting and addictive, like in Monopoly Live. It becomes relaxing, and an individual can go for hours on the same game title. 

The only catch is the playthrough conditions and other terms the casino has on the offer. Be sure to revisit the conditions before acquiring the bonus and using it. Else, you risk losing any amount ascribed using the bonuses.


💛 What live casino bonuses are the best to play with?

The best live casino bonuses to play with include the live casino welcome bonus, first deposit incentive and no deposit rewards. These are available to a wide range of punters and can offer access to various titles on a live platform. However, consider the terms before acquiring any of the bonuses.

💛 Can I use live casino bonuses or bonus codes on my mobile?

Yes, bonus codes apply to any live roulette casino bonus. If accessing the site via phone, you may want to check the applicable mobile bonus codes to activate acquired rewards. Some sites have varying codes for PCs and phones.

💛 Is there an expiration date on live casino bonuses?

Every live casino bonus offers have a validity period, even live dealer casino bonuses. The period can vary depending on the size of the offer. If too large, the validity period can be a month or two. However, most offers last a fortnight or a day utmost!

💛 What games can I play with live casino bonuses?

Live dealer roulette is one of the titles and game genres you can play using the live dealer bonuses. Others depend on the casino offers and conditions of your bonus. However, each bonus stipulates the casino games you can play without fail!

💛 Is it possible to get a live casino no-deposit bonus?

Yes. One can get a live casino no deposit bonus from an NDB live casino website. Find an appropriate site and register to get the NDB bonus using our list of the best and potential live casino bonuses and websites.

💛 What should I do if my live casino bonuses do not work?

Contact the relevant assisting panel for the live casino, i.e. the customer service/care. Submit your request via chat or make a phone call, depending on your location. You will receive a real-time response and have your challenge solved in a short while!