European roulette is one of the most common games that you can find in both land-based and online casinos. The one that NetEnt offers, among many things, is a live dealer game where you get to play with a real human being who facilitates the spinning of the wheel.

Interesting Fact About European Live Roulette

In a live dealer roulette game, the dealer, or the croupier, is located in a studio somewhere in the world. She could be in Malta, UK, or other countries. The studio is equipped with many cameras. These cameras are programmed to show different angles of the table. But most developers only use two.

During the game, the cameras will shift from one angle to another, giving the player a highlight of the action.

The tables are connected to computers. And these computers are connected to a system. Once the ball lands in a pocket, the computer reads that information and shows it on your computer screen. Payouts are made in real-time, and your balances are updated right away.

Gaming Interface and Experience

The studio does not have a betting table. The only things that are visible in the studio are the wheel and the croupier. At the back is a background of a window, showing a nighttime skyline of a city. This background can change. Some operators use the green screen technology so they can change this backdrop easily.

The top half of your screen shows the half body of the croupier standing behind a large roulette wheel. The other half shows the betting table, which is part of a computer display. It is at this table where you place your digital chips.

On the upper left hand is an overlay that shows the dealer’s name, your wager, your win amount, and your balance. This is also the area where you can enable the chat function.

On the upper right-hand side, you will see the history of the results. It shows the last 14 results of the spins, and you will also see an analysis which numbers are hot and cold.

The betting table is made of maroon felt, not the typical green table that you see in casinos. At the very bottom, you will find the chip denominations, and several controls or buttons like re-bet. Here are the button functionalities.

  • Players’ Chips – it will show you which numbers or areas other gambling enthusiasts are betting.
  • Star – this icon lets you save your favourite wager. You can save a name for that bet, and the computer will remember the number of chips and where to place them.
  • X2 – this is a multiplier that will double the chips you placed on the table.
  • Undo – clicking this will remove the last chip you wagered. You can only use this while the betting is still ongoing.
  • Clear – it removes all the chips you placed on the roulette game table and lets you start fresh.
  • Re-Bet – clicking this will put the same amount of chips on the same places as the last round.

Difference between American and European Roulette

The main difference between these two variants is that American Roulette has two sets of zero. One is zero, and the other is a double zero.

In European roulette, there is only one zero, and it has no bonus rounds. Some American variants have bonus features like a jackpot prize.

As such, the American roulette has 38 digits, and the European version has 37 digits. Because of this difference, the payout also varies.

Guide on How to Play Live European Roulette by Netent

Before you begin betting, you need to see the layout of the betting table, so you understand where you place your chips, and what the different areas mean.

The rules of the game are simple:

  • You place your chips on your number choice by clicking on the chip and then clicking on the part of the table where you want to gamble.
  • The ball lands on the spinning wheel.
  • The ball stops in a pocket.
  • If that number is your selected number, you win.

But it does not stop there. You can place wagers not only in numbers, but also based on colour, number type, and groupings.

And since there are different types of bets, the payouts also vary for each kind of wager. The reason behind this is that the live casino management has to take into account the odds.

Remember: if the ball lands on zero, you lose. The only time you can win is if you placed a wager on zero itself.

A payout is expressed as X1. What this means is that your win amount is multiplied to your gamble amount.

An example of a payout is 2 to 1. In this payout, you will win £2 for your £1 wager. This £2 is on top of the £1. So, after that round, the total money you have is £3.

To help you understand better, the table below explains the basic types of wagers, the payout, and what that wager means.

Bet Type Pay Out Meaning
Red or Black 1 to 1 At the bottom middle of the table, you can see the words Red and Black. If you place a chip on Red, you are guessing that the ball will land on any red pocket. There are 18 red pockets here, so your chances are big. If it hits, you win. But if it lands on black, you lose. Just reverse the process if you want to wager on Black.
Odd or Even 1 to 1 This wager works similarly with the Red and Black one, albeit you are betting on the type of the number that will hit. If you chose Odd, then the ball must get into a pocket that has an odd number like 1, 3, 5, 7, etc. If it lands on an even number, you lose.
Low or High 1 to 1 There are two group numbers here. On the table, you will see the labels 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. The group named 1 to 18 is called Low. The other group is called High. If you wager on Low, you must hit a number that belongs to that group to get money.
Columns 2 to 1 On the table, you will see three groups that say 2 to 1. Each group is called a column. Each column has 12 numbers. If you want to wager on this, just put your chip on any area or cell that says 2 to 1. If you hit any number that belongs to that group, you win.
Dozens 2 to 1
  • Below the table, you will see three number groupings that say
    – 1st 12
    – 2nd 12
    – 3rd 12
  • Each group has a dozen numbers above it. If you wager on the 1st 12, you must hit a number that belongs to that group to succeed.
Straight Up 35 to 1
  • This is the simplest bet, and it is also the most difficult to win.
  • In this wager, you have to put your chip on a specific number.
  • Since there are 37 numbers, your chance of hitting this is only 1 out of 37 or 2.7%. This wager also has the highest payout.
Split 17 to 1
  • A split means that your chip is split into two numbers. What you are essentially doing here is that you are betting one chip on two numbers.
  • What you need to do is to place your chip on a line that separates two numbers.
  • You will win if any of these two numbers hit.
  • An example is putting your chip on the white line between 10 and 13. If the ball hits 10 or 13, you win 17 times your bet amount.
Street 11 to 1
  • A street bet means you are betting on three number using only one chip.
  • To do this, you must put your chip on the horizontal line below three numbers.
  • For example, the line between 1 and 1st 12.
  • If you put your chip there, you are telling the system that you are wagering on number 1, 2, and 3.
  • If any of these three hits, you win 11 times your bet.
Corner 8 to 1
  • The corner bet is like street and split, but you are betting one chip on four numbers.
  • To execute this, you must put your chip on an intersection of four numbers.
  • For example, the crosshair among the numbers 26, 29, 255, and 28.
  • If you put a chip there, you will win of the ball hits any of those four numbers.

Games Unique Features and Benefits

Every developer strives to provide something that makes its game unique. For this one, take a look and review the benefits and features that NetEnt has to offer.

  • Players’ Bets – the game allows you to see up to six players in action. If you observe that one player keeps on betting in the same area, you may want to mimic his strategy.
  • Favourite Bet – as mentioned earlier, you can save your favourite bet. What this means is that you just have to program a betting strategy, and click on this button on every round. This works best for those who are disciplined, and those whose strategy involves betting on multiple numbers.
  • Statistics – this table will show you what numbers have appeared several times. And if so, it can help you assess which colour or number is likely to appear again.

European Roulette Strategy to Win

There are various strategies that can help you win in live roulette online. Below are a few that can help you manage your bankroll and improve your odds.

  • Martingale – this is a bet management system whose goal is to get back your losses. It attempts to take you back to breakeven position by doubling your bets everytime you lose. You must execute this on roulette tables with a low minimum and a high maximum bet.
    • To do it, you must bet a small amount on even money bets. These are Red or Black, Odd or Even, and Low or High.
    • If you win, keep the profit and bet the same amount.
    • If you lose, you have to double your bet. You have to double every time you lose to breakeven. And if you win, you have to start over again with the small amount.
  • D’Alembert – this is another betting system where you manage your wagers on even bets. It only works on even money bets. In this strategy, you need to increase your wager by one same unit everytime you lose. And if you win, you have to decrease your wafer by one unit.
    • For example, you bet £1 and lost. Now, bet £2.
  • If you win, your total money is now £4, from a capital of £2. And then you bet £1 again
  • If you lose, you bet £3.
    • If you win, your money is now £6, with a capital of £6, and you break even.
    • If you lose, you bet £7.

Where Canadian Players Can Try European Live Roulette by Netent

If you are from Canada, you must look for sites that accept Canadian players. Some examples of these online casinos are:

  • Betfair
  • LeoVegas
  • Party Casino
  • Betway Casino
  • NetBet

Closing Thoughts

While it is true that roulette is a game of chance, one should not discount the fact that you can win real money if you only know how to manage your money and if you can stick to a disciplined approach.

This one, in particular, is easier to deal with because it only has 37 digits, unlike other roulette variants that have between 38 and 100 digits to choose from.

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