Without a doubt, Microgaming is one of the most prolific software developers in the casinos gaming industry. Since its establishment in 1994, it has evolved to become the leaders in a plethora of areas in the industry, offering some of the best-branded games on which players have successfully scored some of the highest jackpots in history.

Currently, it has expanded to over 60 online casinos. In Internet gaming news, the company has successfully broken a record of the largest progressive jackpot won, a copiousness of times (over $1Million).

With all its success, you may be under the assumption that the firm is also a single player when it comes to the world of live dealer games. However, for an extended period, this was not the case, until a decade ago in the year 2006, when the launching of their first live casino games occurred. Since then, Microgaming has an assortment of games to pin down, whose licensure is to a plethora of gambling platforms which offer gameplay to a myriad of bettors across the globe.

In the year 2008, Microgaming made a public announcement that all its casinos would forbid US-based gamblers from playing the games, as a result of the anti-online gambling regulations in the USA. Irrespective of losing a substantial portion of its market, Microgaming has continued growing, with the addition of a broad range from its headquarters at the Isle of Man. As such, it provides a myriad of video slots with excellent graphics and sound effects, such as Batman and the famous Lord of the Rings.

Microgaming Live Casino Games

A Wide Array of Games

In case you are not aware, there was only one game for players to partake in, which was Baccarat. However, Microgaming has significantly evolved, and now offers a broad range of alternatives to choose, via their Quick Fire platform, including a copiousness of live games which bring the ultimate gaming experience straight to you, irrespective of where you are. Currently, there is Baccarat Turbo which has a striking similarity to the classic version. As the title depicts, the action of the game unfolds at a faster pace. Thus, players can use more hands in comparison to playing in standard mode, over a particular duration. Another benefit of partaking in Baccarat Turbo is that the stake levels exude immense flexibility, thereby meeting the demands of both elite and mass gamblers. Once the hand comes to a halt, the user requires placing their next wager in a span of fewer than 10 seconds and modifies the controls of the game.

For starters, the Blackjack games are available to players at any time. Each table has several seats, alongside vast areas of wagering which you will see at the bottom of the screen for each seat. Furthermore, gamblers also receive more information on their hostesses or live croupiers, alongside a small window which informs them on the participants that have scored some hot streaks under their belts.
As you know, Roulette is traditionally one of the most popular live dealer Microgaming games. Thus, there is a full table display of either the single-zero or European format, not to mention the multi-user feature which allows participants to pin down their colored chips. Hence, this makes it a tad easier to see all wagers on the graphical overlay. Additionally, the tables also contain all previous spins and statistical values about the types of figures that players have selected in the recent past.

The most recent live dealer Microgaming addition is none other than Casino Hold ‘em.’ It differs from the poker room version whereby you would be in competition with a table full of gamblers. Instead, players go head to head with the dealer, while abiding by the rules which imitate the general flow of the Hold ‘em’ hand. Furthermore, this also happens to be one of Microgaming’s simplest games to come to grips with, as there is a spot for your stake levels which include the AA wager, not to mention the usual large printed cards that are easy to read.

There is a coterie of features which you ought to know about Microgaming Live Dealer Casino. For starters, there are the Playboy Live Dealer Offerings. It revolves around a Playboy Club ambiance comprises of beautiful hostesses in sexy ‘bunny’ attire who play the role of your croupiers. Thus, it exudes the style you would expect from a Playboy game.

Lastly, there is the chance of relishing in a multi-table play in the Quick Fire platform. Hence, this involves playing up to three tables at an instance, which automatically means more action without going back to the natural Random Number Generator areas of the site.

Heavy Localization for Players across the Globe

As you know, Microgaming hosts its cornucopia of live dealer slots from a studio whose location lies in the jurisdiction of Toronto, Canada. Thus, this means it is the only company that hosts a wide array of live slots in the entire region of North America. Nevertheless, it does not mean that players outside this region cannot relish in the excitement. On the contrary, it is available to a myriad of participants from various parts of the globe, such as the Canada where its licensure lies with the UKGC. However, there are a few areas in which players cannot participate in the games, such as the USA.

As you play Microgaming Dealer Casino live online, you will immediately notice that it is available in 11 different languages, with English being the widely-spoken language. While some of the games come in the variety of styles, you will notice that some are purely in English.

When it comes to the bankroll, the currencies, as well as the limits, vary from one casino to another. However, the typical ranges run the gamut from $10-$100 on games such as Casino Hold ‘em’ and Baccarat. The regular hand for Blackjack slots lies between $25 and $300, with the possibility of lower gambles when wagering behind an active participant. Additionally, some Roulette alternatives offer a stake level as low as $0.50.

Highly Reputable and Readily Available

From this review, it is evident that Microgaming is one of the most prominent casino developers globally, with its assortment of games readily available in over 200 online gaming platforms in the sector. In a cornucopia of markets, there will be at least one or two casinos that exude trustworthiness and reputability and use Microgaming software. Thus, this means that more often than not, new Internet gamers run into this array of games upon signing up on their first web-based casino.

The good thing is that, usually, the firm’s live games leave a good impression for participants. In addition to that, the variety of games is quite regular, although alternatives such as Casino Hold ‘em,’ certainly spice things up, in comparison to the overall sector.

Players can attest to the fact that there is nothing wrong with an array of straightforward products which function as they should, and that is what you will get, upon signing up at Microgaming Dealer Live. Some members also relish in Playboy décor on a few of the tables, which is something that will indeed pique your interest.

Overall, if you seek a live croupier gaming encounter which exudes full functionality that you can enjoy from various parts of the globe, then you should consider becoming a member of this site.