Canada is home to the world’s most thriving gambling sectors with billions being generated from the industry each year. With a huge market to tap into, numerous online gaming clubs have included an array of games to suit the needs of different punters among the most provided games is roulette, which falls in the table games category. This review delves into specifics about live dealer roulette and provides recommendations on some of the best casinos to find the gaming option.

What Is Online Live Roulette?

Live roulette online is among the most played games in the live dealer lobby. In the game, punters are provided with a platform where they can enjoy the brick and mortar gambling experience without having to compromise the comfort of their location. This option was created to act as a bridge between online and location-based casinos to simulate a unique experience. This was as a result of web games failing to reproduce the real-life feel of land-based casinos despite the improvements made over the years. Brick and mortar casinos, on the other hand, prove cumbersome to find, and their sets are limited the casino floor space, unlike internet gambling destinations.

In live roulette Canada casinos, gameplay is conducted by a human dealer just like in land-based gaming establishments. However, in recent times, new gaming options have been introduced to eliminate the use of a croupier such as in the case of Auto Roulette. In this variation, the ball is spun using a pressurized air system which makes gameplay fast and more accurate. Even so, the use of live dealer remains dominant in nearly all casinos since they stand as one of the main elements in location-based casinos.

History of Live Roulette

Roulette is among the casino games that have been around the longest having been invented back in the sixteenth century. The origin of the game, like that of most others that have been around for so long, is still a topic for debate. The theory that stands strongest is that of the game originated from France. In theory, the set was invented as a mistake by Blaise Pascal, one of the best scientists of the time. It didn’t take long for the set to be introduced into casino floors, and it was an instant hit among punters.

When roulette was first developed, it had thirty-eight pockets; numbers one to thirty-six along with a single zero and double zero pockets. This version is currently best known as American Roulette. The European version of the game, which is the most popular in live roulette casinos, was not introduced until the eighteenth century. The variation was developed by the Blanc brothers who sought to improve the odds of gamblers; this was achieved by eliminating the double zero pocket to bring down the total number to slots to thirty-seven, which in turn brought down the house edge. European Roulette was quick to overtake Double Zero Roulette since its wins were easier to land.

Both of these versions did not see the rest of the world up until the French Revolution, which saw the creation of numerous other variations of the game. Different rules of play continue to be explored till today, but most of the basic game elements are maintained. Also, European, French, and American Roulette remain the dominant options in almost all casinos, including live dealer lobbies.

Roulette first saw the online platform in 1994 courtesy of Microgaming, which was the first gaming software developer to run on the internet, also introduced the same year. Numerous other options have cropped up ever since, and the game has amassed a following in the millions to surpass that offline; this is due to the convenience and wide accessibility that the platform offers. Roulette featured in live casinos in 2006 when Evolution Gaming pioneered the option. The basic setup of the game remains the same throughout all the platforms; the game is played with a roulette wheel, ball, and table.

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How to Play Live Roulette Online in Canada

Roulette has managed to remain a popular game for so long due to the maintenance of a simple gameplay procedure that is easy to grasp even by newbies. Live roulette online betting variations come in a wide number, but nearly all of them follow a basic procedure despite their developer. The process of play is expounded on below:

Live Roulette Guide

In live dealer casinos, Roulette kicks off with the gambler launching a live session at any gambling destination of their choice. It is advisable to use a steady internet connection, especially for High Definition streaming to avoid lagging.

Live roulette games online can hold two to eight players in most cases. Some software developers allow a higher table capacity due to the virtual nature of the web. The game begins with the croupier announcing for punters to place their stakes. The gambler chooses a chip value that in some cases starts as low as a dollar and can go up to two hundred and fifty thousand per round. The ball is then spun in the opposite direction as that of the wheel, and one is left with a few seconds to place their stakes. The dealer then announces that no more bets can be placed, and any new chips added to the table are not considered. Once the ball halts, the winning stakes are paid out while the house collects the losing ones. Most special bets are also paid out before the beginning of a new round.

In live casino roulette, the aim is for players to stake on the number or group of numbers they think the ball will land in once it comes to a halt. Numerous wagers can be placed in the set, and they are diverse in the odds of being landed and the payouts they gift. These bets are placed in two main categories which are inside and outside bets. The former consists of stakes-placed on one number or a small group of numbers. These bets include:

  • Straight – one number
  • Split – two numbers adjacent on the table
  • Street – three adjacent numbers
  • Corner – four numbers that form a square
  • Five-number stakes – five numbers
  • Basket – zero, one, two, three, and four, which are the first four numbers
  • Double street – six numbers placed in two adjacent rows
  • Snake – covers the numbers one, five, nine, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, nineteen, twenty-three, twenty-seven, thirty, thirty-two, and thirty-four. These digits form a snake pattern on the table, hence the name

These bets offer the highest wins in the game, but the chances of landing them are slim.

Outside bets, on the other hand, comprise of the large groups of numbers. Unlike inside bets, the outside ones are easier to land, but they offer small payouts. These outside bets include:

  • Dozen – the first dozen (one to twelve), second dozen (thirteen to twenty-four), or third dozen (twenty-five to thirty-six)
  • High or low – the first half (one to eighteen) or second half (nineteen to thirty-six)
  • Columns – covers an entire column of the three provided on the table
  • Colour – red or black
  • Parity – even or odd

Roulette also allows the placement of special bets whose provision varies from one version of the game to another. Some of these special stakes are as follows:

Bet Numbers staked on
Finale Also known as Final Bet, this stake is placed on the last digit of a number. For instance, a Final Five bet means the punter has wagered on five, fifteen, twenty-five, and thirty-five
Voisins Voisins is a side stake placed on a section of pockets of the wheel. Real roulette wheels can be built with some inaccuracies, even though most are microscopic. These errors may cause the ball to favour a particular section of the wheel. When placing a Voisins bet, the three numbers on each side are considered as well. For instance, a seventeen Voisins bet covers the numbers twenty-one, two, twenty-five, thirty-four, six, and twenty-seven
Voisins du Zero This wager is similar to Voisins, but instead only covers the seventeen numbers neighbouring the single zero. The stake requires a minimum of nine chips
Orphelins This bet covers the numbers excluded from Tier and Voisins du Zero bets including seventeen, thirty-four, one, six, twenty, nine, and thirty-one. One is the only stake placed as a straight bet while all others are placed as splits such as thirty-one and thirty-four.

Gamblers should take time to understand the bets that are allowed in each online roulette live variation before placing their stakes to make the process of gameplay easier.

How to Win at Live Roulette

Online casino live roulette depends on luck like nearly all other casino games for results; therefore, wins cannot be predicted. The results of each round are independent and are not influenced by previous ones neither does it change those to come. Even though luck is the main player in the generation of results, gamers can apply some skills to ensure they maximize their chances of winning.

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How to Beat Online Live Roulette

Over the years, numerous strategies have been applied to roulette gameplay to give players the upper hand over their choice gambling destination. Some of these playing procedures have been proven to work, which has made them popular among gamblers, and they include:

  • Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy is the most popularly used by roulette enthusiasts since it is easy to grasp. This mode of play demands that punters double their stakes each time they incur a loss and keep doing the same until a win comes by. Once they hit a winning streak, they should start reducing their stake. Playing this way ensures punters recover their losses once a win comes by along with a small profit.

The Martingale Strategy is best applied with a considerable bankroll in games that accommodate a wide betting range. It is recommended to start with the smallest bet possible to give a player more chances of hitting a win before they reach the maximum staking limit. Additionally, the strategy works best when wagers are placed on bets of colour or parity since they offer the highest chances of landing a win; each carries winnings odds of 48.6% in European Roulette and 47.4 in European Roulette.

  • Reverse Martingale Strategy

This smart live roulette strategy works the same as the Martingale Strategy, only this time, gamblers get to take full advantage of winning streaks and hopefully tap out before they lose. The Reverse Martingale Strategy reduces the losses incurred by gamers while maintaining their chances of walking away with good winnings.

When using this strategy, gamblers are advised to choose a table that accommodates low stakes, which could start as low as a penny, as well as high stakes. The maximum limit in some cases goes over two hundred thousand dollars. Stakes should be placed on either low or high, colour, or parity since they carry a little less than a 50-50% chance of being landed. Once a win is landed, one should double their stakes on the same stake, and do it again if similar results are gotten. If the round results in a loss, the punter should place their original wager and start the process over again.

The biggest downside of the Reverse Martingale Strategy is that once a loss is incurred, it could strip the gambler of all their wins. On the upside, it gives one a chance to make big payouts during winning streaks.

  • Fibonacci Strategy

Fibonacci is a famed Italian mathematician well-known for writing about number sequences, and his work dates back to the twelfth century. However, it wasn’t till the nineteenth century that the number series he worked on was dubbed the Fibonacci Sequence. In the series, each digit is the sum of the two preceding numbers. Therefore, the sequence goes as follows: one, one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen, twenty-one, thirty-four, and so on.

Applying the Fibonacci Strategy demands that players increase their stakes by the value of the two preceding ones each time they lose a round. When a win is incurred, the stakes should be reduced to the second preceding number in the series. For example, if punters place a bet of one credit and lose, they should increase it to two credits. If the results are the same, the stake should be raised to three credits. When using this method of play, it is advisable to choose a table with wide betting limits and place wagers on parity, colour, or high and low.

Like most other strategies, the Fibonacci has some downsides to it, one of the biggest being that the further the sequence continues to increase, the higher the gambler’s risk of losing their money. Nonetheless, one stands to make more money in the long run even if the losses met are more than the winnings.

  • D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert functions like the Martingale Strategy but on a safer ground where instead of doubling the stakes with each loss, they are increased by only one credit. As is the case with the previously mentioned playing methods, the D’Alembert works best with stakes on high or low, colour, or parity. Punters should walk away once they have taken as many losses as wins to ensure that they have a good chance of making profits.

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How to Predict the Odds in Live Roulette

As earlier mentioned, most casino games are dependent on luck for results, which makes it impossible to predict the results of each spin accurately. Nonetheless, players are provided with the odds of landing results and Return to Player rates to see the probability of landing specific ones. In the case of RTPs, they may differ between European and American roulette options, and they are as follows:

Stake Payout Odds American Roulette RTPs European Roulette RTPs
Straight Thirty-five to one 2.6% 2.7%
Split Seventeen to one 5.3% 5.4%
Street Eleven to one 7.9% 8.1%
Corner Bet Eight to one 10.5% 10.8%
Basket Six to one 13.2% 13.5%
Double Street Five to one 15.8% 16.2%
Column Two to one 31.6% 32.4%
Dozen Two to one 31.6% 32.4%
Parity One to one 47.4% 48.6%
Colour One to one 47.4% 48.6%
Low or High One to one 47.4% 48.6%

The increased edge in the case of American Roulette is due to the retention of the double zero pocket. In both, however, inside bets offer high wins with low winning odds while outside bets have better odds but lower wins. Players looking to hit big are advised to stick to the latter while those that opt for regular bets should place outside bets.

How to Win Money Playing Roulette Live

With roulette being a luck-dependent game, there is no secure method to always end up with the upper hand over the house. Nevertheless, some practices can be applied to improve the quality of gameplay including:

  • Practice on demo modes

Live dealer games are not usually provided with free to play options, but punters can practice on the variations that are provided online since the gameplay procedure is the same in all of them. The free games can be accessed in casinos and review sites where no real money is required to activate gameplay. Instead, fun credits are used, and the wins generated can only be reused as stakes as well.

Where Can I Play Live Roulette in Canada

Canada has a thriving online gambling industry that generates fourteen billion dollars in revenue every year with a gross output of thirty-one billion. Players are exposed to numerous gambling options due to the lenient laws of the nation. Some of the online gambling destinations where Canadian players can engage in free and real money live online roulette include:

  • Casino.com
  • Casimba Casino
  • Spin Palace Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Leovegas casino
  • Fun Casino
  • Dream Vegas Casino
  • Party Casino
  • Royal Panda Casino
  • William Hill Casino, etc.

Most of these sites offer bonuses and promotions.

What Is the Best Live Roulette Canada?

In the time that roulette has been around, numerous variations of the original have cropped up to add a twist to gameplay. Out of the numerous types, three of them remain dominant, and they are:

  • European Roulette

European Roulette is the most common version and carries 37 pockets; numbers one to 36 and a single zero pocket.

  • French Roulette

This type of roulette is much like the European version with the inclusion of a single zero, but the En Prison and La Partage rules are included.

  • American Roulette

American Roulette retains the 38 pockets of the original version with the inclusion of the double zero pocket. This version is the least popular of the three.

Parting Shot

Live Roulette Canada is only accessible in real money play, and players can use regular online versions for free practice play before launching the live sets.