Want the life of Dan Bilzerian? Well, then live dealer poker is your only answer

Live Dealer Poker has always been the most popular casino game. Though there are a lot of versions of it. But there is no matching the live casino Hold’em experience. Thanks to the platforms offering live Hold’em poker online, Hold’em has become popular very fast in a short span of time. Lots of people have always been interested in the game, but not all of them had the heart to go to casinos and play in poker-rooms. This is the reason for the innovation of the online version of live Hold’em poker.

Playing online has gained so much popularity that Live Poker is considered as of the topmost games around the world. It provides the experience of gambling in a real casino while sitting at home. One can play it anytime anywhere, and that is the most attractive option for a majority of people worldwide. In fact, it is so famous that now many casinos offer the option of a live dealer poker online.

What is Live Casino Texas Hold’em?

Normally live Texas Hold’em games are a normal internet version of Hold’em poker games. These games are operated through random number generators and are entirely managed by computer systems, even the results. There is no personal human touch in this. It all depends on random numbers. It still gives the feel and entertainment of playing poker, but it is all computer generated.

These casinos have lower minimum bet limits and have quite fantastic welcome bonus offers for players who join the table.Though poker has always been the maximum played game when it comes to online casino gaming, the casino owners felt that it lacked the feel of real poker games. Keeping that in mind, a number of online casinos now offer live dealer Texas Hold’em option.

What Is the Difference between Texas Hold’em and regular online Poker?

Online poker like Texas Hold’em which use real dealers, real players, and real cards are slightly different than normal Texas Hold’em online games:

  • The Live Dealer:

The normal online versions did not match the fun and action of real casinos because the dealers who work at real casino tables are very funny and highly interactive. The sense of humour and the appeal of a real dealer was found lacking in online casino games. The games which use live dealer have been made to bring back that appeal and feel of real casinos while maintaining the comfort and convenience of online gaming.

  • Higher Limits:

Apart from the dealer’s sense of humour, such games have other differences too like the minimum bet. Typically, these games have a higher minimum limit for playing. These games live online use real dealers and have to run on continuous streaming video feed costs. That is why the casino companies try to eliminate players who are not serious by keeping the betting limits higher than usually.

  • Two Ways to Play Poker:

It can be played in two ways. One which is performed in traditional way against other players and the alternate that is against the dealer. Such a version is also referred to as the Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Whichever way it is played, the popularity of both types of poker is equal.

  • Interactive Poker Game:

Live dealer Texas Hold’em allows the players to watch the table and all the action just like a real casino table. Here, the dealers interact with the players, talk to them, ask them to place bets and even make decisions when suitable. The players have an interface where they can make decisions about where to place the bet, and the information is relayed back according to the player’s instructions. They can also keep a track of whatever is happening through the cameras fitted on the poker table. Not just that, there are social elements involved too. Some casinos offer the option to interact and chat with other players and also the dealer on the table.

  • Real Money Poker:

One major difference between the two is that the live dealer poker is played with real money. These games are expensive as compared to normal virtual games, but then they also let you win in real money.

How to Play Live Casino Hold’em Poker?

If you are a poker player, though a newbie, playing a live casino Hold’em poker is no big deal. All you need to do is go through these following steps:

  1. The first thing you need to do is find a website that offers Live casino Texas Hold’em poker. You will find ample of sites that do offer the game, but out of those you need to choose one that has proper software and licenses to conduct games with alive dealer.
  2. After you have found the perfect casino game for you, you need to enter the game. Upon entering, you will be greeted with a live cam video streaming where you will find a dealer standing at the table. On this video stream, you will follow the turn of each card so that you know that you are playing with a real deck of cards.
  3. After the cards have been dealt, you will see buttons on the screen which will let you communicate with the dealer. You can use buttons to place bets and take any other decisions during the game. The buttons you press will tell the dealer how to proceed. On most websites, you can also interact with the dealer and other players. If the option is available, you will find a related button on the screen.
  4. At the end of each hand, the dealer will communicate the outcome of the hand, and you will see the balance amount on your screen.
  5. After that, the entire process from step 2 will start all over again. It is pretty much a recreation of a real casino table in the comfort of your house.

If you are one of those people who love playing poker but hate at staring the boring, sterile computer screens, liver dealer Hold’em poker is just for you.You will find all the fun, entertainment and excitement here that you were missing in your games.