vivo gaming live poker

Poker has been available since the early 19th century, and its first variants pioneered in the United States. Thanks to the evolution of technology, betting has rapidly shifted from being exclusively played at brick and mortar casinos to the internet. As a result, Vivo Gaming is one of the dedicated providers that has been at the forefront in developing the most immersive hits. In particular, live poker by VivoGaming has dominated the gambling community since the introduction of live casinos.

Vivo gaming is a software provider framework that works mostly to provide live casino to various cyberspace betting sites around the world. With over eight years’ experience in the field of creating live games, it isn’t difficult to figure out why it is so popular and preferred by many live casino clients. This platform creates a wide variety of table games some of them being; live roulette, live baccarat, live, blackjack and VivoGaming live poker which we are going to focus on in this review

From the look of things, there’s no doubt that this software provider has greatly helped many game operators increase customer value. With this review, you’ll finally understand how hits like live poker by VivoGaming has helped betting sites unlock a new way to generate high player fellowship and thus improving the integrity of the brand. Here we go!

Features of VivoGaming Live Poker

The following features make poker games from this gambling provider a must play for all lovers of playing tables games online:

  • The games are instant play where you don’t need to download any software to your device.
  • Offered through HD live streaming services to bring forth the best image quality.
  • It is a multi-currency platform; this makes it convenient by supporting deposits and cash-outs from players across the globe.
  • Instant deposits on all deposit options and fast payouts especially to e-wallet choices.
  • The poker client is readily available and can be accessed 24/7.
  • Their games are portable which means that they can be played on all mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.
  • This provider offers several interactive variants of the game such as 3 Card, Casino Hold ‘em and Caribbean Stud.

How to Get Started with VivoGaming Live Poker

To get started, you first need to understand how the game is played and master a few tactics.  This will equip you with better knowledge of what will be coming your way, especially at the live tables. If you are as green as they come (i.e. you have no idea about the game), we suggest that you start by learning the basic tactics of playing standard poker before getting to the different offshoots of live poker offered by ViVoGaming.

This way, you will proper background on the technical know-how, and you can pick a couple of styles of playing that work for you. Before you get to the real money poker, you can try out a couple of free rounds of online poker before spending your cash on wagers. You don’t want to lose your whole bankroll before you even start enjoying the game, do you?

Types of Live Poker by VivoGaming

Once you sharpen your skills, the following are the finest variants of online live poker variants you can enjoy from this software provider:

  • Live 3 Card Poker

Live 3 Card poker obeys nearly all the standard rules with only one exception. Due to the odds difference from five to three cards, there is a reverse in the order of straights and flushes. As a result, a straight has more value than a flush. Additionally, all hands whose value requires more than three cards are eliminated, but the hand rankings aren’t changed.

  • Live Casino Hold’em

While you are normally dealt five cards to play in the standard variant, the live dealer in this version deals you two more. So here, you will be required to choose the highest hand possible. Casino Hold’em is usually a single deck game, meaning that after each hand the cards get scuffled.

  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker

This spinoff is among the most interesting because it is a fusion of both Live 3 Card and Live Casino Hold ‘em. In this variant, you play with five cards, and it starts with all players placing Ante wagers. When dealing the cards, all the cards are dealt face down, and once the dealing is done, the pit-boss will reveal one card to the players. After that, it will be the player’s decision whether to fold or call.

Types of Live Poker Players Classified by Strategy

The moment you start playing live poker, you will notice that there are different types of players. So, in this section, we’ll help you understand the kind of opponents you will be facing out there, and when they come, you will be properly prepared. That way, you can adjust your gaming accordingly and perhaps even gain advantage and win! And thus, there are three main types of gamers you should be aware of. They are:

  • Aggressive

These are the broadest category of players in live poker. They are the kind of players that they really want you to lose but don’t worry, you will gain a lot from their presence. The secret to these players is, you try hard to reduce the risk as much as possible.  Another characteristic of this kind of gamers is that they like making folds. So, you should feel free to place robust value bets if you want to gain the upper hand.

  • Super Tight

When you are taking part in VivoGaming live poker, the super tight players are the participants who only seem to play kings and aces, and so, the chances are they have quite a strong hand. For you to win against them, try to play pre-flop. It is a slow process, but at the end of the day, you will be winning. Slow but sure wins the race!

  • Conservative

Conservative bettors are also referred t as good players. Most of them tend to be great gamers and so, you should be careful while in the poker room. The only way to beat them is to be extra careful and watch out for any vulnerability you might exploit. Remember, the move that they won’t see coming is the blow that will take them down.


If you are a fan of betting on table games, you can never go wrong with VivoGaming live poker. Their hits are on another level because of various features including crystal clear resolution from HD live video streaming. We also like the fact that their titles are more user-friendly compared to what is available elsewhere. Through the seamless user experience, it is more enjoyable to bet live even on mobile devices. Try out any of the above variants and follow our tips as well if you want to have a good time and walk away with some money as well.