vivo live european roulette

Live gambling in Canada has taken the online platform by storm in the past decade since it was first introduced in 2006. The introduction of the platform was necessitated by the fact that the online games failed to replicate the authenticity of brick and mortar casinos. Therefore, live dealer games were introduced as a bridge between the online and location-based gambling platform to provide real-life gaming experiences to players in the comfort of their preferred location.

Roulette is among the most featured games in live casinos since it is a social set and requires to be conducted by a dealer. Numerous online gaming software developers focus on the production of the game due to the massive following it boasts across the globe among them being the Vivo Gaming. This software company came to rise in 2009 and specializes in the delivery of live dealer services. The decade of experience the firm has garnered shows in its products, which has placed it among the highest-ranking developers in the live gaming niche. Vivo Gaming is known for its use of cutting-edge technology that has been termed to meet and surpass the expectations of its clients in numerous online reviews.

Among their biggest focuses in gambling, a scene is European Live Roulette, which is the most popular of all variations of the table game. The set is developed in high quality and can be played on a variety of tables in the live dealer lobby. Gameplay is streamed live from Vivo Gaming’s live studios in Costa Rica and Laos. However, the provider’s headquarters are based in Miami, Florida.

Gaming Interface

Vivo Gaming invests in the delivery of a conventional gaming option in premier development with their Live European Roulette game. The setting of the game is standard with the wheel and croupier taking up most of the centre screen in the live roulette casino. The wheel comprises thirty-seven pockets with the numbers one to thirty-six coloured red and black and a single zero coloured green. The table is placed at the bottom of the screen with the usual three rows and several special bets. Chips of several values are also provided and vary depending on the table used.

When streaming the game, punters can choose between two and three-dimensional technology depending on the steadiness of their internet. The latter option is the clearer of the two, therefore, the most recommended. The two-dimensional option gives a classic view of the game that maintains gameplay at a basic level. Nevertheless, despite the view being used, a closeup on the roulette wheel is activated once the ball is thrown onto the wheel; this gives players a clear look at every detail from when the ball hits the wheel to when it stops in the winning pocket. In both 2D and 3D versions, HD quality is assured, even though no video quality settings are included.

The top left section of the Vivo  Live European Roulette screen is dedicated to the display of the game statistics including hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are those that have a high chance of being hit while the cold ones have low odds. These conclusions are derived from the history of the latest winning numbers, which players can view in two different ways. The first provides the last ten numbers while the second provides the last twenty.

Vivo Gaming allows players to add some customized touches to the game with the few additions in the toolbar with options like muting and unmuting along with choosing whether or not the game statistics remain displayed. The UI bar also displays all the allowed stakes for each of the bets. A live chat feature is included to facilitate communication between the gambler and dealer along with others at the table. The Report Issue button also provided helps gamblers reach the client care team with ease when any problems arise during gameplay. Some of the key elements of Live European Roulette by Vivo Gaming are summarized below:

Game Features:
Software Vivo Gaming
Number of pockets Thirty-seven, numbers one to thirty-six and a single zero
House edge 2.7%
Live Chat Yes
Free play No, only real money can be used
Mobile Affinity Yes, with Android devices
Betting window Fifty seconds
In-game bonuses No

Difference Between American Roulette and European Roulette

European and American roulette variations are the most popular across the globe with the former boasting a larger following than the latter. Even though both games follow the same basic gameplay procedure that requires gamblers to stake on the number they think will be a winner, some elements differ. These differences between the two sets include:

  • Zero pockets

European roulette carries a single zero pocket along with the conventional thirty-six numbers, which adds up to thirty-seven pockets. The American version, on the other hand, carries an extra double zero pocket, which brings the number up to thirty-eight.

  • House odds

The American Roulette house edge is made high by the addition of the double zero, which makes it stand at 5.26%. This edge is dropped to 2.7% in European Roulette due to the decrement in the number of pockets. With a low house edge, punters are granted a high Return to Player rate of 97.3% against that of the American version, which is 94.74.

  • Period of existence

Roulette, in general, is among the longest-standing games in casinos have been around for centuries. Even so, American Roulette is the longest standing option having been invented in the sixteenth century, while the European version did not see the light of day until the eighteenth century. Even though the European version was created more than two centuries after the American one, it didn’t take long to become the most popular option.

  • Order of numbers

The arrangement of numbers on the American and European roulette wheels differ, even though the halves in each side of the single zero carry nine big numbers and nine small ones. Although the numbers in both wheels appear to be random and have no particular order, those on the American Roulette wheel do; they are arranged in alternating pairs of even and odd numbers.

  • La Partage rule

In European casinos, the inclusion of the La Partage rule is necessary, and it can only be included in the European version of the game. The La Partage rule is French for sharing, which is an essential element of the rule. If the rule is included, punters are given a chance to win back half their stake if the ball lands on zero and the wager was placed on an even stake; even or odd, low or high, and red or black. The ball is spun one more time, and players get back half their stake if they land a winning number.

Some casinos feature an improved version of the rule known as En Prison where gamblers get to win back their full bet rather than just half. In both versions, the house edge can go as low as 1.35%, which is impressive.

Playing Vivo Live European Roulette

As innovative as Vivo Gaming is with its approach in the development of live dealer roulette, it does not apply any changes to the gameplay procedure. Roulette is especially loved for its straightforward gameplay procedure that makes things easier for players of different experience levels.

Gameplay begins with the gambler launching a live dealer session in one of the numerous Vivo Gaming online casinos. The croupier announces for one to place their stakes, and players are provided with a fifty-second window to do so. During this period, the ball is spin on the wheel, and the No More Bets call is made; any stakes-placed after this are not considered. Once the ball lands in a winning pocket, the losing stakes are cleared off the table and accumulated to the casino bankroll while the winning ones are paid out immediately; this includes special bets as well.

A variety of bets are allowed in Live European Roulette, which gives gamblers the chance to explore different payout and winning odds. These bets are placed in two categories, one of them being inside bets. These wagers consist of only one number or a small group of them. The second category is labelled outside bets and is made up of big groups of numbers. Below is a look at these bets along with their payout and winning odds.

Stake Numbers bet on Payout odds Winning odds
Straight Any single number 35 to 1 2.7%
Split Two adjacent numbers 17 to 1 5.4%
Street Three numbers in a row 11 to 1 8.1%
Corner bet Four numbers in a square formation 8 to 1 10.8%
Basket Five numbers 6 to 1 13.5%
Double street Six numbers in two rows 5 to 1 16.2%
Column One of the three table columns (twelve numbers) 2 to 1 32.4%
Dozen First dozen (one to twelve), second dozen (thirteen to twenty-four), or third dozen (twenty-five to thirty-six) 2 to 1 32.4%
Parity Even or odd numbers 1 to 1 48.6%
Colour Red or black 1 to 1 48.6%
Low or high The first half (one to eighteen) or second half (nineteen to thirty-six) 1 to 1 48.6%

Outside bets are easier to land than inside ones, but the payouts they provide are small. The opposite case applies to inside bets. Voisins, Orphelins, and Neighbor bets are some of the special stakes that are allowed in the game.

Benefits of Live European Roulette

Live European Roulette has amassed a huge following over the past decade due to its delivery of a select gaming experience accompanied by numerous advantages such as:

  • Convenience of access
  • Mobile affinity
  • Customizable setting
  • Certified as safe to play in by Curacao eGaming and Gaming Labs among others.

Strategy to Win in European Roulette

Before activating roulette gameplay, one should understand that the results of each game are not possible to predict since the game is dependent on luck. Nonetheless, gameplay quality can be improved with the implementation of strategies like:

  • Spreading out stakes to make smaller bets last longer
  • Practice on the free play mode
  • Have a budget
  • Apply different methods of play such as the Martingale Strategy.

Vivo Gaming Canada Casinos with Live European Roulette

Vivo Gaming is actively involved in the Canadian gambling market, and some of the Canada casinos that offer its live roulette option include:

  • Golden Lion Casino
  • Black Diamond Casino
  • Box24 Casino
  • Casino Cruise
  • Lion Slots Casino, etc.

Closing Thoughts

Live European Roulette by Vivo Gaming does not come with a free to play option, so gamblers not familiar with roulette gameplay can use common variations for practice play.