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VivoGaming is an online gaming software provider that emerged in the industry shortly after the introduction of the live gambling platform. This developer’s sole concentration is the production of live dealer games, and many reviews have stated it as among the best at what it does. The games the live dealer gaming developer concentrates on include live roulette, live online blackjack, live poker, and live craps. The developer stands as among the first live gaming developers to include live craps in their casinos. In this review, we dive into the various live blackjack options that are provided by VivoGaming.

Live Blackjack Features

Blackjack is among the casino games that can be developed in all shapes and sizes to make the style of the developer unique. Some of the aspects that are unique to this table game by VivoGaming include:

  • Eight Decks

Eight decks of cards are used in the gameplay. A human dealer is used as opposed to a shuffle master or any other automated system.

  • Seven seats

There are seven seats featured at each blackjack table. However, gamblers have the freedom to bet behind; this works by placing stakes on the player they presume will take the win.

  • Insurance

This is only given if the dealer draws an ace for themselves, and the feature plays out two is to one.

  • Splitting

Splitting is allowed once a double is called. However, unlike most casinos that limit it to only one chance, VivoGaming allows their players a re-split.

  • Payouts

This rate stands at three to two.

  • Ties

When two gamers tie on a win, the payout is pushed instead of being denied.

  • Multiple player interface

This development allows players to either seat at the table or bet from behind while watching how other gamblers at the table place their stakes.

  • Multilingual feature

Since VivoGaming is available in nations where English is not the native language, it has provided its games in more than one language. The dealers are also fluent in the various languages the games come in.

The same applies to the currencies provided. However, if a gamer does not find the currency that is used in their country, they are advised to go for a cashier option that comes with a currency converter that has good rates.

Blackjack Variations

VivoGaming has developed their blackjack category in various options to suit the needs of different gamblers. Some of these options include:

  • Standard Blackjack
  • VIP Blackjack
  • Common Draw Blackjack
  • Double Exposure Blackjack
  • Blackjack Classic Series

Some of these variations come with VIP options that are best suited for high rollers, which allow wagers as high as one thousand pounds at a single hand.

The bonuses and promotions that are featured in these games are dependent on the casino offering them. In most cases, the welcome and reload bonuses offered by the gambling establishments do not limit players from using the offered amount in the live casino games.

Mobile Availability

VivoGaming’s live dealer blackjack online has been developed with software that is compatible with mobile devices. Some of the popular operating systems that are compatible with the live casino software include Android, iOS, and Windows. The casino is built using flash technology, which means players can enjoy gameplay directly from the wide web without the requirement of a download. The user interface has been developed in a simple theme, which makes it quite easy for one to navigate through the site and find their favorite games.

Casinos Offering VivoGaming Live Blackjack

With live dealer games quickly becoming an online sensation, many casinos are looking to include it in their portfolio. Therefore, numerous casinos have partnered with this online gaming software developer to bring the experience of a location-based casino to the fingertips of gamers. Some of these establishments where one can play VivoGaming blackjack include:

  • Orisis Casino
  • Euro Moon Casino
  • Atlantic Casino
  • Park Lane Casino
  • Cashpot Casino, etc.

The full list of casinos that one can visit to enjoy this developer’s array of live games can be found on their official site. Some of these casinos offer the full collection of live games offered by VivoGaming while others are selective on those that feature on their site.

About Blackjack

Like the popular table game roulette, blackjack has its roots traced back to French. The invention happened back in the seventeenth century, making this one of the few indulgences that have managed to remain relevant in the entertainment business over hundreds of years. The game is also often referred to as twenty-one, which is the literal translation of its name in French. The game was widely played in France since its invention, but only saw the rest of the world once the French Revolution began.

The spread of the game saw it face numerous changes, which gave rise to different versions of the game. Even with so many variations seeing the light of day, the basic rule that made the game what it remains intact: the aim of the player is to attain a card value that is or close to twenty-one – hence the name of the game. Additionally, the gambler plays against the dealer and not other players at the table. This rule is also featured in the live blackjack by VivoGaming versions.

In Brief

Unfortunately, live blackjack by VivoGaming is not available everywhere in the world due to harsh restrictions by some nations and others failing to meet the laws put up by Malta Gaming Authority, which is the software developer’s license provider. However, residents of all countries where gambling is allowed by the law can indulge in the free versions of the games provided. They are provided with fun money to wager, but no real money winnings can be acquired. Additionally, the play can be conducted in tables that have real money players without any restrictions.

Players can contact the casino using the customer support channels provided such as phone, email, and live chat. The client support team works round the clock, which is convenient for gamblers in all time zones. Additionally, players have the option of enjoying live dealer blackjack from two different live studios based in Asia and the Caribbean depending on which one they prefer.