blackjack extreme live gaming

Extreme Live Gaming was established in 2013 as a casino software provider for live casino software. Live dealer blackjack by Extreme Live Gaming is among the games that have gained popularity over the years to be among online casino users’ favorite. Live blackjack by this software provider allows seven gamblers for each table. All the tables available for players to choose from have specifications that the gamer has to meet before proceeding. This review explores real-time online blackjack by this software developer and its benefits to virtual players.

Live Blackjack Gameplay

The game involves eight decks of cards that are randomly reshuffled to play live blackjack by Extreme Live Gaming. The rules require that a dealer stands on seventeen in all versions of the game. Insurance is provided when the dealer reveals an ace. Players have the choice of splitting pairs, doubling down on any hands except split Aces, which get a single card each. The cards are counted as twenty-one once the player or dealer get winning combinations. The gameplay is fast-paced, giving players about ten seconds to come to a decision. The rules followed by the game are those of Vegas Sky, which means that live dealer blackjack receives two cards. Although only 7 gamers are allowed to sit on the table, other players can participate in the game by betting behind a gamer they think will win the round.

Merits of Live Blackjack by Extreme Live Gaming

Live online blackjack from this software developer has numerous advantages for the virtual gambler. The game features some of the standard rules when it comes to table games. Apart from the fast-paced gameplay, it has other elements that make it attractive to gamers. These merits include:

  1.  Mobile Affinity

Blackjack developed by Extreme Live Gaming is available on mobile. Coupled with the fact that the game is open twenty-four hours seven days a week, players can enjoy it at the comfort of their residence or on the go at any time that is favorable for them. Real casino action is experienced online in a range of devices because blackjack has HTML5 programming, making it easy to run. Although no applications have been launched by this software developer as an individual entity for the games provided, online casinos hosting live blackjack from this software provider may have their application where gamers can start the game without logging into the web. The game comes in portrait and landscape, so users can utilize their full mobile screen whichever way they please.

  1. Bonus Provision

Side bets placement is bonus feature that live blackjack players get to receive. There are 3 types of additional bets including:

  • Perfect duos – For unflawed pairs, players earn rewards based on a card couple with identical suits, numbers, or color. The payout is in the ratio of six to one, twenty-five to one, and twelve to one respectively.  
  • Twenty-one plus three – The payout for this bet is 100:1. Here, players stake in the hope that the 1st two cards and the croupier’s up card make a straight flush.
  • Bet behind – For this option, players place their bet on another gamer’s hand. Settings can be adjusted by the player to determine what happens when the player they place a bet on makes a specific move.

These optional bets increase the player’s chances of winning substantial amounts of money no matter what the base game outcome is.

  1. Interactive Interface

The layout provided by this software developer for their live blackjack online has a toolbar ribbon that offers a way for the players to navigate through the game quickly. The command buttons presented are:

  • Cashier options – Allows the player to deposit or withdraw funds to use as stakes on the table.
  • Settings – This button allows players to do a number of things including; pick a language that the screen options will be displayed in, manage side bet settings, and view their history from previous games.
  • Help button – This option provides primary information to players regarding gameplay and how to place the optional wagers.
  • Audio option – This button switches sound on or off, allowing the player to either listen to the happenings of the casino studio background or shut them out for silent gameplay.
  • Video button – Allows players to change video quality and alternate between live dealer video interface and computer-generated visuals as the game proceeds.
  • Full-screen button – Allows players to expand the video to cover the entire screen, whether on mobile or personal computer.
  1. Disconnection Policy

Another advantage of playing blackjack that is aired directly to the gamer from this software provider is that when a player’s video is interrupted, or they lose their connection entirely, no cards will be given out. If the player wins, money is deposited into their account. This policy protects players against lousy gameplay or being rigged out of their wins.

  1. Multiple Angles

Gamers who play this set are provided with various camera angles for the tables they are playing in an occasional cutaways of other tables in the studio. The numerous aspects covered in the videos streaming serve to create a land-based casino ambiance for online gamblers.

  1. Customer Support

A live chat button is available on the game’s interface and offers gamers a chance to reach out to the blackjack live dealer. Only players who have staked real money on the ongoing games can use the chat option.

The above factors enhance gamers’ gambling experience while providing a chance to engage with players across the globe. The gameplay from this game developer is conducive for players of all levels.


Dealers dealing cards for live blackjack have been trained to handle gamers professionally and follow the laid out game rules. This software developer extends white label services to online live casinos, which makes it among the best. The expertise displayed by this real-time virtual game puts it among the excellent choices for interactive gameplay in the online gaming scene.