live blackjack betconstruct

Live blackjack by BetConstruct is one of the company’s most popular games. You’ve probably played it before, but you have not noticed that the game was developed by BetConstruct. This company develops white label casino software provider . So every casino that pays a license fee can add this game to its collection of live dealer games. Many casinos (such as Royal Panda) already offer this title, as the background of the game can be changed as desired and any logo can be placed. In this review, we will give you information about the game and talk about some simple tactics.

Features of BetConstruct Live Online Blackjack

The main features of the game are:

  • Support for limitless players;
  • Real-time multiplayer gambling;
  • Each player can sit on up to 3 betting boxes;
  • Statistics of previous games (10 rounds) can be seen on the interface;
  • Bonus side bets: Lucky 7, Honey Bonus, Perfect Pair;
  • Split and surrender bets are supported;
  • Game is played with 8 decks;
  • Multi-platform support (available on desktop and mobile devices, including tablet PCs);
  • Can be downloaded and installed as an application for iOS and Android operating systems;
  • Players can select an option after the initial dealing.

In addition, it has the same features as all other live dealer games developed by BetConstruct. So:

  • HD quality streaming is possible;
  • Can change the streaming quality according to connection speed;
  • Contains rich animations and effects;
  • Support for multi-currencies;
  • Dealers can be hired from BetConstruct too;
  • More than one screen on the interface (each one shows a different viewing angle);
  • 24/7 customer and player support;
  • Support for Green Screen technology (any image or logo can be used in the background).

To play live blackjack, you just need a stable internet connection (speed is not important) and a device that contains a browser. It is possible to use mobile phones too – any device will suffice, as long as it has a browser.

How to Play Live Blackjack by BetConstruct

Like every live casino online game, you must first become a member of an online casino that offers this game, and you must deposit money into your account. Then, find the game under the table games & live dealer category and click on the “play” button. Depending on your connection speed, the game will load in a few seconds or minutes. Do not forget that you are not playing solo, the game will add you to first available empty spot. If there is already a game in progress, you may need to wait for it to finish. You can start playing in the new round.

The game’s interface is quite simple: At the bottom, there are casino chips that you will use to place a bet. Their value will be different at each casino, you can choose according to your budget. To place a bet, first click on a chip, and then on the betting box on the table. You can increase your bet by clicking multiple times.

However, in order to place a bet, you have to wait for the dealer to complete the draw phase. After the dealer completes the initial dealing, you will see a menu in the center of the screen. This menu will have the following options: Hit, Stand, and Double. Make a selection according to the strategy you are using and the point total you have and click on the relevant option. If offered, you can place a bet on one of the side bets. The game will then be played according to the classic blackjack rules. Your goal is to reach 21 points or a higher total than the dealer.

At the top right corner of the screen, you can see the statistics, and the results of previous games. This screen is important because it will provide you the necessary info to use a tactic. Using statistics information, you can predict the remaining cards on the deck. This is one of the most important screens on the interface. You can see the chat screen at the top left corner. It is not possible to chat with the dealer, but you can chat with other players. In the lower left corner, there is a small table showing the stakes and a “cashout” button. You may terminate the game at any time, but if you close the game while a round is active, you will lose your bet.  

Basic Blackjack Strategies You Can Use

Online live blackjack strategies are still the same as the “offline” version. Rules of the game do not differ. This may look like a real casino experience, but you are still sitting in the comfort of your home, and nobody can see you. In other words, you can use external sources to get help and, for example, to decide what will the best option. There are numerous blackjack calculators & helpers on the internet. Select one and keep it opened in a separate tab. You just need to enter the cards you are holding into this program, it will calculate the best strategy for you and recommend a move. This is the best device we can give to beginners: Get help from an external program.

Other than that, use the standard tactics. Which means:

  • Stand if you have 17 points in total. Dealers also stand at this total and there is a reason for that.
  • If you started with a pair, split them.
  • If you have 20 points in total, double the bet.
  • As a general rule, keep hitting if you have 16 points or less. However, you should check the visible card of the dealer too. If he/she has an Ace, for example, using the surrender bet may be the best option.

Live blackjack by BetConstruct will provide you hours of fun and a profit if you can play optimally.  Like all other live dealer games, call for the pit-boss if you experience a problem.