The advent of live casinos has transformed the online gaming industry. The phenomenon significantly bridges the gap between online casinos and land-based casinos. Owing to technological advancements, you can now play various card and table games conducted by real-life dealers. 

It allows you to enjoy an interactive and realistic gaming experience from the comfort of your home. If you are looking to experience the thrills of Vegas casinos or Macau casinos without actually going there, you should try live casinos. And in this comprehensive article, you will get to know everything you need about live casino Canada.

Top Live Casinos Canada

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Online Live Casino – Modern Approach to Gaming

When you play a live dealer casino game, a human dealer will appear on the screen with whom you can communicate in real-time. Moreover, the cards in the deck contain a microchip that is integrated with a progressive computer program.

When the dealer deals with the cars, the microchips interface with the installed software. Thereafter, it will translate the action onto your screen. Before the hand, the dealer will let you place your digital bet. Similar to a land-based casino, you will be playing live casino games with multiple people at a table.

Top Live Casinos in Canada

We invest in thorough research and select the online live casinos with the most interesting offers. Below is a list of live casino sites that are most valuable with regards to factors such as interface, security, promotional offers, live casino customer service, payment guarantee, etc.

  • GGbet: GGBet is an extensive live casino website that includes all popular betting options like casino gambling, live betting, esports betting, and sports betting. Launched in 2016, GGBet is licensed by Curacao authorities. The casino’s live online website is also partly registered in Cyprus.
  • Playamo: This live casino website is owned by the leading gaming company – Direx N.V. and was launched in 2016. It has an extensive collection of online casino games and continuously offers interesting promotions and bonuses. Interestingly, Playamo also accepts cryptocurrencies as payment.
  • Vulkan Vegas: Vulkan Vegas is a popular live casino Canada. The online casino is licensed under Malta and Curacao. It has over 2000 casino games for players to enjoy. Additionally, the site accepts multiple currencies, including EUR, BRL, RUB, USD, and KZT. And it provides multi-language support.
  • Vulkan Bet: Launched in 2015, Vulkan bet has gained massive popularity. The site is licensed under Malta and is owned by Global Innovation limited. You can find a large section of live betting games with interesting features.
  • Spinia: Launched in 2018, Spinia casino is licensed under the Malta Gaming Authority. The site has more than 2000 casino games. It offers a wide range of payment options and decent bonus offerings.

How do We Rate Live Dealer Online Casinos?

While you may be eager to play live casino games, how do you choose the best live casino app or website? In our live casino reviews, we take a comprehensive approach. Our experts are constantly monitoring the market and players’ demands. Here we have highlighted some of the basic parameters based on which we rate live dealer online casinos. And this way, it will be easier for players to select the best online casino platform to play.

  • Security & License: The first thing to do before you play at an online casino is to find one that has your safety in mind. There are many factors involved, but the most important ones include ensuring they have an SSL certificate and verifying user identity when signing up for their site, so it’s best to go with sites where these types of things happen on a daily basis.
  • Games Variety: You have to take the variety of games offered at an online casino into consideration when you are looking for one. Most casinos will let users browse through their platforms before signing up and depositing money, so we leverage this feature. The more live casino games they offer, the better the experience will be for the players. The RTP of the game is also an important factor of consideration.
  • Comprehensive Bonus Program: When we assess an online casino, our experts make sure to check out their new player bonus. If your website offers a generous welcome package, then players can play without spending as much money on the games. Many websites offer attractive packages that are designed specifically with newcomers in mind, and they usually match any deposits or give free spins too.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Mobile compatibility is an important consideration factor for us. People would love the ability to play on the go. And today, there are many websites that offer live casino apk that allow players to seamless experience on different devices such as mobiles, tablets, etc.
  • User Reviews & Third-Party Audits: When we speak about live casino Canada online reviews, we also consider user reviews and third-party audits. Our experts analyze how satisfied players are with the live dealer’s casino.

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From Land-Based to Online Live Casino

Over the years, there has been a massive transformation in the gambling industry and the way gamblers wager. A large number of Canadian gamblers have shifted from land-based casinos to online casinos. This is due to the kind of versatility and convenience that the latter offer.

Land-based casinos have been around for many decades, but we saw the inception of online casinos around the early 90s. And later, with the Internet penetration, there was a significant revolution in the gambling landscape.

With the growth in technology, we saw the introduction of live casinos that soon became extremely popular. It resulted in numerous firms, mainly software firms, jumping on the live casino bandwagon to develop popular games such as live casino online slots, live dealer roulette, live casino baccarat, live poker casino, etc.

Worldwide casino software giants like Microgaming, Playtech, and Net Entertainment began developing games that were pleasing to clients and easy to use as well. The point that casinos started featuring exceptional games on the Internet brought about a significant increase in the amount of traffic received by online casinos.

Live dealer games are much closer to the real thing. Sitting across from a live person is an immediate change that sets you off in contrast with traditional gambling methods like slot machines and poker at remote betting locations, which can feel empty without any interaction or human contact. The user interface integrates seamlessly into what’s happening on-site, even when it comes down to your own personal interactions with other players around the table who are also playing for stakes too.

Difference between Casinos

Land-Based Casinos Live Casinos
Availability of a wide range of casino games Limited offerings of casino games
Accessible for a time during the day Mostly available round the clock
Greater house edge The relatively lower house edge
No Bonuses Many live casino bonus offers

How does Live Casino Online Work?

Live casino games, as well as conventional online casino games, significantly differ from each other in terms of their operations. The online casinos offer games that are entirely automated using a computer program. On the other hand, the live dealer casinos include games that are managed by a human croupier. This is the reason why there are no Random Number Generators (RNGs) when dealing cards in any of the live games.

Additionally, live gambling has a tendency to make gamblers feel more at ease because the dealer is running the games, such as Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette, and dealing the cards in front of the player. Even though we highly recommend gambling at an online live casino Canada, take note that gaming at a live dealer casino tends to be more addictive than gaming at a typical casino. And contrary to standard gambling, there are no live demo games as they are played in real-time.

High-quality cameras capture all moves made by both gamblers and dealers alike while their actions are transmitted via a live stream directly into computer screens; it is as if we were gambling right there at the table next to them.

Optical character recognition is embedded into the live streams, where all of the cards are digitally recognized. The online casino will identify whether a player has been dealt one or more Royal Flushes by analyzing and recognizing every detail on each individual playing card at once; this also applies to blackjack dealers as well.

One of the most important things that online casinos do to ensure security is providing live streams with encryption and protection. This prevents other people from viewing or tampering with your game, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for you as well as helping them attract new customers who are worried about their privacy.

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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Live Casinos

While live casinos are in huge demand, there is so much that people still don’t know about. Here are some informative facts about live casinos:

  1. Dealers are required to graduate from a special school – To qualify for a live dealer, you need a certification. Live dealers should pass a 6-week program to learn the ins and outs of gambling in order to work at one. They can expect courses on specific games as well as legal aspects of gambling.
  2. Sometimes the broadcast is from land-based casinos – Live casinos offer the most realistic gambling experience that you can imagine. The dealers in live casinos are well-trained and can efficiently broadcast live from studios from different parts of the world in various languages.
  3. The most trusted live casino provider – Evolution Gaming – Evolution Gaming is among the leading software companies in the live casino landscape. Their games stand out with quality and creativity, not to mention an awesome €50K jackpot. The company offers high-quality, cutting-edge gaming products for casinos around the world that meet evolving customer needs and regulatory obligations across multiple jurisdictions.
  4. Modern OCR Software facilitates player interactions – The cards are dealt with and recorded in real-time by a live dealer who is shown on the screen. Players stay hooked up to follow every move of the game, with their actions following it as well. The data from each card that has been played via OCR will be translated into code for players’ viewing pleasure.
  5. You can leave a tip to the dealer – Tipping a dealer is not limited to land-based casinos. You can also tip your live dealer when playing live casinos. The amount you want to tip depends on how impressed you were with your interaction with the live dealer.

Exclusive Features of a Live Casino

The live casino Canada offers certain exclusive features that attract players from around the world:

Multi-Game Interface Casinos typically have a lot of games for players to choose from. They often provide multi-game interfaces, which allow the player to bet at various tables at once – live game software developer firms such as Evolution Gaming can even offer up three different titles on their interface.
Simple Strategy Implementation The Trusted Online Gaming Experts at Global Gaming Labs want to be your safety net in case you lose Internet connection while playing games. They provide a fundamental strategy for blackjack so that even if the lights unexpectedly go out on their service (due to an outage), there’s no way of losing betting money because they’ll still keep track of everything.
Game Requests Top live casino software providers are tuned into the needs of their customers and have made it easier for gamers to request new games. If you want a game that is not currently available, then this company can provide it within 60 days after your initial request.
Numerous Cameras You’ll be able to see your cards with top online casinos. With multiple cameras, you can view from different angles and zoom in on any angle that is the most important at that time.
Dual-Camera Angles For instance, you can use the dual-camera option to get a more realistic viewing experience. You’ll have two screens, one on each eye, that will provide an immersive 3D effect with all of your favourite games like roulette.
Audio Chat To make communication clearer, most live dealer casinos use the Live Chat feature as their default method of talking. When you type in a message to send it over the chat, your text will be visible for both the croupier and you, so there’s no need to worry about miscommunication.

Live Dealers at Canadian Online Casinos

There are many live casinos available online that provide a “real” casino experience. For those who like to gamble, there is no need for the inconvenience of actually having to go somewhere in order to play games such as blackjack and roulette. You can do all that in a live format, and the live dealer will help you with any issue as they play a great part in the casino industry. They provide a level of excitement and thrill that simply cannot be replicated by computer-generated images alone, making them crucial to every casino environment. With input from dealers providing much more than just cards or dice-rolling outcomes, it’s no surprise these professionals are rigorously trained before they ever set foot in real-life casino floors as well.

Live dealers have special skills such as having a great personality and knowing how to handle pressure. In each game, vast sums of money are changing hands on the dealer’s ability to keep things flowing smoothly through wagering. Millions of people worldwide are enjoying games at live casino Canada. The best software developers will use the highest quality dealers that match all requirements, which makes it easy to find casinos with these features! One of these perks is that you can enjoy a true brick-and-mortar experience at home or when you are travelling and need to pass some time.

Pros And Cons Of Online Live Casinos

Pros Cons
Round the clock availability Fails to provide the atmosphere of a land-based casino
Professional and reliable support No control over the pace of the casino games
Accessibility of open statistics

7 Tips to Savour Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer casino games are fast and adventurous. And to win desired rewards in these games, you need to know how to play live casino online correctly. Here are some tips that will help you to make the most of live dealer casino games.

  1. Make Sure You Have Sufficient Bandwidth – Live gaming is what you would expect to see in a live casino Canada. But if your Internet connection isn’t on point, then it’ll be more like playing roulette with an egg timer. So before visiting any online casinos, make sure that the first thing you do is check their technical requirements and ensure they can support smooth gameplay for all devices.
  2. Take It Seriously – If you are not sure what you are doing there and what you want – just don’t even begin playing. A casino is a place that attracts you, and you gradually get involved in it. And indeed, it’s a great chance to benefit from it and get your desired wins, but be aware of what you are doing and follow your previously well-considered goal.
  3. Have a Solid Playing Strategy – You cannot win in live casino games without a solid strategy in place. If you want to win, ensure that you don’t chase your losses. And before jumping into the games, make sure that your basics are clear. Learn about the game that you are going to play and also understand how the casino rolls.
  4. Be Aware of Live Casino Etiquette – There are certain live casino etiquettes that you must follow to make the most of your live casino experience. Ensure that you greet the dealer. While it is okay to have a fun conversation with the dealer, ensure that you don’t give any personal details.
  5. Choose a Credible Live Casino – It’s not important to know that you’re playing in a safe and fair live casino. That is why before joining any particular one or inputting your credit card information into their site, do some research on the best ones. Usually, reputable casinos have various certificates by well-known agencies which guarantee the safety of the gaming site as well as fairness for each game played.
  6. Don’t Go After Your Losses – The main purpose of playing in a live casino Canada should be to have fun and also try to make some money. However, there are winning days, and there are losing days. If luck isn’t on your side – which it won’t be all the time no matter how much you wish for it – then what’s best is not staying at one slot or table until either you win big or leave with nothing but regret in hand.
  7. Enjoy the Game – You can have a good time even if you’re losing at the casino. The dealers are always happy to see new faces, and they’ll do their best to make sure that everyone’s having fun, no matter what happens.

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Live Casino Bonuses from the Best Online Live Casinos in CA

We have made a list of bonuses that you can find in live online casinos. However, bonuses provided by online casinos can vary greatly. You will find detailed information about the bonuses on the official casino websites.

  1. Sign-Up Bonuses (Welcome Package): Welcome bonuses are provided to new players as a live casino sign up bonus. They allow the players to wager without putting their money on the first bet. The value of the live casino welcome bonus can differ from one casino to another. It is limited to their first bet only.
  2. No-Deposit Bonuses: Live casino no deposit is a kind of offer that players get right after they have signed up with the casino account. There is no need to make any deposit for this kind of bonus. You can use the bonus amount to wager on your preferred live casino games. You have to bet the whole bonus value on a single wager.
  3. Deposit Match Bonuses: It is a kind of bonus that is provided to new players after registration. But for that, they have to make a certain deposit, and the casino will match 50% or 100% of that deposit for the bonus. For instance, a casino pay provides a 100% deposit match of up to $300.
  4. Free Spins: The free spin bonus is a promotional offer for casinos to introduce new games, but some of them are also available as promotions for existing players. It will grant you limited spins that can be used on any game without spending money and the maximum cashout limit varies from casino to casino.
  5. Bonuses by Promo Codes: In these kinds of bonuses, you have to enter a certain live casino promo code when signing up. This type of bonus is available for only new players. And the live casino bonus codes are only accessible for one-time use.
  6. Cashbacks: Cashback is a popular kind of bonus in which you get a certain percentage of the deposit back. The percentage of cashback can differ from one casino platform to another. This type of bonus is available for both new and existing players.
  7. Cash Drops and Leader-Board Tournaments: Live gambling often hosts tournaments on various casino games. These are tournaments where you can compete against other players on the leaderboard. And the prize you will receive can either be in the form of bonuses or real money.
  8. Reward and Loyalty Points: Some casinos like live casino Canada are offering long-term incentive structures based on how much time players have put into playing there with increasing incentives as time goes on. For example, depositing a certain amount after having played at the site for a while may be able to achieve VIP Status, which unlocks even better prizes such as increased cashback rates, free play credits, etc. These kinds of bonuses won’t always be advertised but will often come to an individual through their personal emails.
  9. Refer-a-Friend Bonus: A quick and easy way to earn extra credits is the refer-a-friend bonus. All you have to do is invite a friend, give them your coupon code when they sign up, or complete an action on our site, then get credit for every one of their referrals! It’s like getting free money just by doing what we all love: sharing things with friends.
  10. Birthday Bonuses: In addition to the regular bonuses and prizes, many casinos will also surprise players with a birthday bonus as an extra token of appreciation. These come in different forms but usually include the reload bonuses, free spins on slots games, etc.
  11. Mobile Bonuses: While most of the features are the same, mobile and web-based casinos have their share of differences. Mobile bonuses are the bonuses that are exclusively given to a player who is using a live casino online app.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Although a live dealer casino bonus is exciting, there are often certain terms and conditions attached to it. These conditions can be different from one casino site to another. However, the following are the general terms and conditions:

  • Bonuses have to be wagered a particular number of times before they can be withdrawn.
  • You have to make a certain amount of deposit before you can avail of the bonus.
  • You may have to reach a particular status board to benefit from the bonus.

Common Payment Methods in Live Casino

Leading online live casinos offer a wide range of payment methods to the players. Visa, Mastercard, EasyPay, etc., are among the common methods. Sites are popularly accepting cryptocurrency as well. Following are some common payment methods available at casino live game sites:

  • Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro are the most popularly used debit and credit cards.
  • Skrill is an efficient and free-of-charge method of payment.
  • Wire transfer is the safest banking method, but it can take longer than other methods.
  • Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

Live Casino Deposits and Withdrawal

Following are the deposit and withdrawal options available for Canadian players:

  • Bank and Wire Transfer: A simple yet effective way for players to send money is wire transfer. Players can contact their bank with the casino’s banking information and arrange a wire transfer, ensuring that they do not have to give any of their personal details when transferring funds through this process.
  • Debit Cards: Debit cards offer a reliable way to complete a transaction at an online live casino. Most of the online casinos in Canada offer debit cards as their payment option.
  • E-Wallets: E-wallets are the ultimate way to keep your transactions private and safe. They act as a gateway between your bank account and merchant, allowing for anonymous money transfers that won’t get intercepted by unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage of unsuspecting civilians.
  • Pay by Mobile/Phone: With the increasing popularity of mobile purchasing, some online casinos have now begun to allow you to fund your account with various carriers. For example, Boku allows for carrier billing and is widely supported in Canada by Bell Canada and TELUS Mobility.
  • Prepaid Cards: Prepaid cards are a great way to manage your bankroll when you don’t have access to more traditional banking methods. You can prepay for an amount of money and store it on the card where no one else will be able to spend it.
  • Bitcoin: The pros of using cryptocurrency to gamble at an online casino are the anonymity and security that it provides. The cons, however, lie in its lack of acceptance by mainstream establishments such as banks or retailers who aren’t yet on board with this new technology.

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Live Casino Games – Prime Types to Play for Live Casino Online Real Money

Casino live online games offer an immersive experience that standard online casino games fail to offer. You get to enjoy the excitement of land-based casinos without having to step out of your home. When it comes to playing online casino games, there are plenty of options. Over the years, live casino Canada has significantly expanded its games. Some of the popular games include live blackjack Canada, live roulette Canada, live casino jackpot, live casino poker, etc.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is among the most popular and enthralling casino games in the world. People love this casino game because of its simplicity. All you have to do is defeat the dealer without touching above 21. And you can certainly beat the house if you have the right strategy. If you do not trust computerized online Blackjack, you should try live Blackjack. This way, you can play with a live dealer and deal with a real deck of cards rather than a computerized version. Each table includes HD streaming cameras, allowing you to watch and play in real-time.

Most Popular Blackjack Games

  • Blitz Blackjack by Netent: Launched in 2019, it is a refined version of Live Common Draw Blackjack also by Netent. Blitz Blackjack is an exciting multiplier game. Rather than a conventional 7-seat table, the team allows unlimited players to play one hand. While all the players receive identical cars, they make their individual decision.
  • Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming: Live Blackjack by Evolution Gaming is one of the feature-rich fastest online blackjack games in the market. The Infinite family feature provides unlimited seats on the table. It has some interesting features like perfect pairs side bets, optional 21+3, bet behind, plus initial decision and deals now.
  • High Stakes Blackjack: High Stakes Blackjack is a game with high stakes that are different from any other forms of Blackjack. It has an RTP of over 99%, making it the most profitable casino game and for serious players who like to bet larger sums, blackjack high roller tables offer betting limits way higher than others at the casino.

Live Poker

Poker is mysterious, fun, and rewarding. And it is a lot easier when you play live casino poker than online poker. You have the opportunity to multi-table and deal with more hands. Additionally, the tracking tools offer online players many inputs to assist them in becoming better players.

Live poker is also more profitable as compared to online poker. In the end, it is about having the right knowledge and strategy. Moreover, the kind of live poker casino game you choose also makes a significant difference. It is better to choose a poker game that is developed by a reputable gaming software provider to get the best live gaming experience.

Most Popular Poker Games

Texas Holdem In this type of poker, with two cards, players have to deal two hole cards face down, and five community cards are placed face up. There are three stages to this casino live game that include a series of three cards known as the flop. Players have to look for the best five-card from the seven-card combination.
Three Card Poker It was created in 1994 by Derek Webb. It is played in the form of heads-up between the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand. Once all the wagers have been placed, both player and the dealer are dealt with three cards each. Players can either choose to continue or fold by putting a play wager proportionate to the ante. Thereafter, the hands are exposed to resolve the wager.
Caribbean Stud Poker This poker game was developed in 1982 by David Sklansky. Caribbean Stud Poker is also reckoned as casino stud poker. This is a popular table game, and the rules are similar to five-card stud poker. Contrary to convention poker games, it is played against the house instead of players. Therefore, there is no scope for bluffing.

Live Roulette

Online casino live roulette is a game where you get the opportunity to play with a real dealer instead of the computer. The web cameras integrated at the roulette table allow you to make bets in a way that feels like you are in the casino. And you see the game lobby and everything happening there, and you can be a part of it from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, you can chat with players who are with you at the table. Generally, a good live casino provider offers a dedicated chat room where players can communicate with each other. On the whole, you can get to see and hear everything that you would expect in a land-based roulette casino without stepping out of your house.

Most Popular Roulette Games

  • Lightning Roulette: Lightning roulette is a live casino game created by Evolution Gaming. It combines the aspects of French Roulette with the innovative flair of the game show. In this form of roulette, each round is lightning quick, hence the name. However, the players have the opportunity to win maximum multipliers of 500x on their initial stake.
  • French Roulette: This form of live roulette is played like basic roulette but with two distinctive rules. La partage is a rule that states that when the ball lands on zero, they have half of their bet back. The en prison rule states that players have another chance to win back the money put on an Outside bed if the ball lands on zero.
  • European Roulette: The roulette game consists of 36 features along with a single zero. The grids are structured horizontally across the table. Under the grid, there are outside bets placed in two rows. The top row has three dozen bets, whereas the bottom row has other forms of bets like red, even, low, odd, black, high, etc.
  • American Roulette: In American roulette, the wheels are different from the French and European versions. This version of roulette comes with an additional pocket dedicated to the double zero. Therefore the total number of pockets comes to 38.
  • Double Ball Roulette: Double Ball Roulette is a thrilling variation of the standard roulette game, with the addition of a second ball as the main difference. Here, the standard single-zero wheel and the usual layout are used, but in the game, 2 balls are involved at the same time. For outside bets to win 2 balls must be successful; for inside bets to win – either of the balls. If you manage to get 2 balls successful – you will get your win doubled.
  • Immersive Roulette: Immersive roulette is a live roulette developed by Evolution Gaming. There are multiple camera views that continue to switch. This provides an immersive cinematic experience. The core game follows the rule of classic European roulette. Additionally, the bet limits can differ based on the casino. But, typically, the limits can reach very high.
  • Age of the Gods Live Roulette: This form of live roulette is developed by Playtech. Age of the Gods live roulette includes three aspects. It has a standard American roulette that features 38 pockets, a compulsory progressive jackpot, and an optional bonus bet that pays up to 300x.

Live Baccarat

While playing in live casino Canada, you will find that live baccarat is very much similar to the game you would play in a land-based casino. But this form allows you to enjoy the experience of retail casinos in an online setting. The game is played with eight decks of cards that are stored in a dealing shoe. This is where the players deal with the card during the game. In a live baccarat online casino, there are unlimited seats at a betting table. Additionally, there is a wide range of side bets on offer that further adds to the authenticity of this game.

  • Speed Baccarat: Live Speed Baccarat is a popular game, especially in live casino Canada, by leading developer Evolution gaming. This game includes 52 card decks, and value is given to the cards during the gaming rounds based on the rules. The faces and 10s are valued at zero, aces are worth 1, and 2 to 9 are valued by pips. The game continues until the curt card is dealt.
  • Live Baccarat Squeeze: Live Baccarat Squeeze is offered by Evolution Gaming. The game is played using eight decades, wherein each contains 52 cards. The values of the game are the same as the standard baccarat. You place a bet on the banker, player, or on a tie. The game uses over fifteen high-definition cameras to make sure you don’t miss out on any action.
  • Live Mini Baccarat: Playtech brings an interesting version of live baccarat. It is a rather simple game to play but has its share of thrills. The goal is to get a hand valuing closest to nine. You can place your bet on the banker, yourself, or on a tie. Thereafter, the banker and you each deal a two-card hand.
  • 7-Seater Baccarat: This is a standard baccarat game offered in live format by Playtech. It has a limited number of seats with a conventional pay-out table. The interface is quite basic to resemble the traditional baccarat, and seat number 4 is missing because it’s considered to be bad luck.

Live Sic Bo

If you want to play an exciting game of chance, consider Live Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming. It is inspired by the classic Sic Bo game; however, there is a fun twist attached to it. The players have to guess the different outcomes of three dice being rolled. The development includes an RNG element in every round which can multiply the deposit of players up to 1000x.

Other Popular Games You Can Play at Live Casino

  1. Live Lotteries: The live lottery allows the players to access lottery games round the clock with real croupiers. There are no random number generators, so you can be sure that players don’t cheat. And with live-action, you experience more excitement.
  2. Live Dealer Hi-Lo: Live Hi/Lo is a casino game at its simplest. Players are invited to place bets on the next card being higher, lower or of the same value as the base card. Once three cards have been burned by dealers, players can see their results and make choices between Bet All and Bet Some options for more money-making opportunities that may come up in future rounds.
  3. Live Spin a Win: In this live game, the wheel is divided into 54 sections with markings of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, x2, or x7. You have to place your bets on the section at which you believe the wheel would stop.
  4. Live Dragon Tiger: It is a simple yet thrilling live casino game. It is also known as the two-card version of baccarat. In this, two cards are dealt. The first wager is placed on the Dragon betting position, whereas another bet is placed on the Tiger betting position. The position with the higher card wins the round.
  5. Monopoly Live: Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming combines the Hasbro board game with Wheel of Fortune. This live game is available for players for 24 hours, and if you are lucky, you can win massive rewards. All the numbers in the game are well-rewards and offer instant wins.
  6. Craps Live: This is a simple live casino game where you can win good rewards. All you have to do is shoot two pairs of dice. Craps Live was launched on October 29 by Evolution Gaming.
  7. Live Deal or No Deal: Live Deal or No Deal is an exclusive game by Evolution Gaming. It is a round-the-clock multi-layered game that enables unlimited players to deal for the high prize.
  8. Live Side Bet City: In this form of live bet, players wager on whether they will get 3, 5, or 7 cards in order to create a vest three-to-five card poker hand. The winning combinations in this game depend on poker hand rankings.
  9. Live Football Studio: This live casino game rounds the bet on either Away Win, Home Win, or a Draw. Two cards are dealt face-up; one is set on the Home betting position, and the other is put on the Away betting position. The position with a higher card value wins.

Low and High Stakes Live Dealer Games

The stake is the money you wish to bet on a particular game. Low stake casino games are the ones that need only a small amount of money. It is ideal for beginners who are not willing to take a lot of risks. On the other hand, high stake games require players to put in a lot of money. This is generally chosen by players who are ready to take the risk with a high bankroll and aim to win a big amount in return.

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Top-Rated Live Casino Software Providers

There are many software providers that offer exceptional live gaming to the players. Some of the popular live casino software providers include:

  • Playtech – Launched in 1999, Playtech is among the largest software providers in the online gaming sector. This award-winning software has provided a wide range of entertaining casino games.
  • Netent The software was launched in 1996 and since then has been providing a versatile range of games. Over the years, it has developed more than 250 different games.
  • Pragmatic Play The software provider came into the market in 2015 with RNG-based table games and slots. Today it has expanded its portfolio to interesting live casino games.
  • Microgaming – Launched in 1994, Microgaming is among the leading software providers to create online casino games. For more than two decades, they have been providing innovative games to the industry.
  • Evolution Gaming – Since 2006, the software provider has been offering live casino games to the gambling industry.


Live casinos allow you to get the experience of a land-based casino without stepping out. While earlier live casino games were limited, casinos are expanding their live games. You can find your loved game online and play and experience the live casino Canada thrill at home. Online gambling is extremely popular in Canada, with the industry generating revenue in millions of dollars every year. Over the years, technological advancements have allowed Canadian gamblers to enjoy the thrill and excitement of live casino games.

Presently, all leading online casino operators offer a wide range of online casino games to attract more gamblers to their site. They are bringing constant innovations and a new range of games to keep things interesting for the gamblers. And, if you miss the excitement of playing at a land-based casino, you should certainly consider live casino games. Ensure that you choose a reliable and reputable online casino provider to participate in live gambling.


💛 Do I have to download a live casino app?

Today most of the live casino providers offer an app so that you can play while on the go. Additionally, some providers also allow you to play live casino games on mobile browsers as well.

💛 Can I play live dealer games in demo mode for fun?

Casinos do not allow players to play live casino online free. Therefore, you have to go in well prepared to play live casino games.

💛 Can live dealers see me?

The dealer cannot see you. However, there is a chat section where you can communicate with the dealer.

💛 Can I communicate with a live dealer?

Yes, in such casinos like live casino Canada you can communicate with a live dealer. Casinos provide both text chat and audio chat features for the same.

💛 Are live dealer games licensed and legal?

Yes, live dealer games are licensed and legal. But make sure that the casino you choose has a valid license to provide the games.

💛 Is it safe to play at live online casinos?

Live online casinos are very much safe. Since you get to see the live-action, you can be sure about the authenticity.

💛 Are the chances of winning in an online casino different from others?

Generally, all online gambling games leverage the same kind of software to generate the outcome.